Spinning: a sport to the beat of music

Spinning is a high-intensity aerobic activity that consists of pedaling at a variable speed on a special exercise bike, the traction can be belt, chain or magnetic and is equipped with a modifiable resistance that can be adjusted independently, depending on your training level. .

Arriving in the United States in the 1990s, it was born as an exercise in preparation for road cycling, to be practiced indoors, so much so that it is also known as Indoor Cycling.

It is an increasingly popular and widespread sport, which is developed in groups to the rhythm of music, led by a monitor in group classes.

To better understand the benefits and characteristics of spinning, we asked Zac Punzi, an instructor at Club Ambrosiano in Milan, to tell us in detail about this sport:

What benefits does this discipline have for the body but also for the mind?

“On a physical level it improves cardiovascular and respiratory activity and this is due to a higher efficiency of the heart, which pumps more blood with less effort. This leads to an improvement in several aspects of the body:

– Decreased resting heart rate,
– normalization of blood pressure, especially when it is excessive,
– increased tissue oxygenation,
– increased coronary circulation of the heart,
– Strengthening the tone of the muscles of the lower extremities, including the buttocks, to affect the abs.
In addition, it promotes weight loss.

On a mental level, however, it helps mood by releasing endorphins and releasing high-intensity nervous stress. Good cardiovascular activity also helps to provide greater mental balance and also benefits cognitive functions. “

Is it suitable for all ages or has limitations?

Except for particular pathologies, there are no limitations and anyone can practice it safely.

What is the recommended weekly frequency for an ideal workout?

On average, 2/3 times a week is enough to get good results and stay fit. The important thing is to be consistent.

Is it a high-intensity cardio-only workout? Or does it involve different rhythms?

The bike offers the opportunity to train a heterogeneous audience in the same way, as it works according to the musical rhythm on the management of the heart rate and the BPM of the music that students can regulate independently by using the static bike resistance.

The instructor must continuously give accurate HR and BPM benchmarks and has the task of structuring the lesson by providing the appropriate recovery times between one high-intensity work and the next, in order to gradually increase the frequency. until it stabilizes towards the maximum aerobic regime.

What is usually the duration of a lesson and the average Kcal consumed?

Normally, during a standard spinning loosening, which lasts about an hour, an energy expenditure is achieved which can vary from 300 to about 500 kcal.

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