Sea and purification, Occhiuto “zero tolerance, even a” sewer river “discovered in Falconara”

CATANZARO – Sludge solidified for years and never removedbroken electrical panels, absence of lifting pumps, entire houses and villages not collected in the sewer, not to mention the large number of illegal discharges that end up in the sea. But also obsolete sewage treatment plants and even 20 years, unclear relationships between municipalities and companies that manage the plants, but also delinquency, absence of directors and non-detailed knowledge of the territory itself. A Carthusian census work carried out by the Department of the Region and starting from the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, which is the most polluted, with the cartography and geolocation of the whole territory theand criticalities arose plant by plant. A very important source of information not only for the Region but also for the interested Municipalities, which will be shown the problems of their plants, in their territory, what interventions to carry out and how to intervene with a Loan of 3 million euros.

In the common file of financing and intervention

In short, the municipalities they will have in writing what is missing from their treatment plants and the funding intended to intervene. They will no longer have excuses “we give them 10 days from the moment they receive the financing decree to be in compliance – said Occhiuto. Among other things, for many interventions is an amount less than 140 thousand euros because the application can be done quickly in Mepal (electronic market of the local public administration), the electronic platform of public supplies of the organisms.These documents of interventions that will facilitate to the City councils, Copies will also be given to the competent prosecutors, the port authorities and the police so that all institutions can supervise and control. After operations “Deep“Of the carabinieri of the Tyrrhenian coast of the region and the decision of the last days to give to the Corap the task of supervising 14 treatment plants, this morning the president of the Region of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto held a meeting with journalists on the topics of clean sea and purification.

The occasion is linked precisely to contents of the last ordinance on the 14 treatment plants on the Tyrrhenian coast, on the recent initiatives of the Government and on the work done in recent months by the Department of Territory and Environmental Protection of the Region. At his side the director general of the Department of the Environment, Salvatore Sevilla.

Today we will receive the mayors of the municipalities affected by the critical issues to which we will issue a decree which sets out what needs to be done on time to repair or restore the competent water treatment plant, funding, and the mayors will have 10 days to complete the procedure. On purification – said President Occhiuto – zero tolerance. Whoever opened a company in Calabria has never dealt with how to debug. Per Purification has never been talked about for 20 years and it will not be easy to achieve crystal clear sea already this summer but we will do everything. ”

Major problems in Nocera Terinese and Gioia T., a sewer river discovered in Falconara

A battle that the governor has decided to face hard, explaining that “it is not a police station.” The reference is to the provision on the role of Corap in 14 Calabrian plants: “I asked Corap to do a support service to check that the work that needs to be done is done. A process that must be set in motion to solve the problems of the plants: it is necessary to strengthen some of them, to adapt them to the capacity of those areas that have the most needs, especially during the summer. From September – Occhiuto explains – we will accelerate operations but in recent months what we can do, we will do. The situation is very critical for example in Nocera Terinese, but from south to north, the criticalities are different. A Belvedere Marítim for example, the submarine bomb was never activated. However in Falconara we discovered a “sewer river” that passed underground. We’ve taken it out, we’re treating it because there are several uncollected homes and businesses. The economic activities, the villages we discovered have not been collected, we are denouncing the prosecutor and the carabinieri to do what they have to do ”.

“We have chosen only a part of the autonomous territory and since November we have been dedicating ourselves to the potentially most polluted section. from Tortora to Nicotera. Once the model has been studied, we will export it. “Now the councils will have to do their part:” everyone will receive procedures and methods of intervention, “he explained.l General Director of the Department of the Environment, Seville. – We have checked all the criticalities, plant by plant, verified and identified the problems. He quantified what was needed and communicated everything to the City Councils to which we give the financing decree and all the operations that are called to carry out ”.

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