Riky Colombo leaves football but not Pro Patria, he will work for the youth sector

“I wish I could play for another ten years, but this is the right choice for me and for me. Pro PatriaAs announced a year ago by Busto tiger captain Arsizio Riky Colombo says goodbye to football played on the threshold of forty springs, most of which took place on football pitches all over Italy, including prestigious ones A league (in garnet sweater) or those trampled in the service of theirs Pro Patria. (photo by Roberta Corradin)

With retirement, however, the love story, which lasted, does not end nine stations (non-consecutive), between the team Busto Arsizio and the right fielder of Betrayed: Colombo will in fact be one of the leaders of the “new” youth sector, which will be officially unveiled in the coming days on track Ca ‘Bianca.

“It was a long and beautiful journey that took me to the youth of Pro Patria in Serie A and that gave me a lot of satisfaction,” Colombo explains in a video, this year on the field in 22 occasionsputting his face on it often in the most delicate moments when the squad was literally reduced to the bone and when the classification still doesn’t smile like it would have at the end of the season.

“Pro Patria has always been one second home, a second family – continues the captain – I must thank all the people who have been close to us in recent years, starting with the President (Patrizia Testaed), the directorSandro Turotti), the soul of the Pro Patria of recent years, but also of all the coaches who have left us something, Bonazzi, Javorcic -who left an indelible mark- Prina and finally Sala and Le Noci who finished the season of a fantastic way “.

“I also want to thank all the people who may not have headlines but are equally important, from medical staff to doctors, the physiotherapist Luca Bettinelli, warehouse workers, gardener Mario. We’ve all given something for the team, ”he concludes, finally thanking me teammates, visibly moved – They allowed me to give 100%, to be able to wear the shirt and headband with pride. This t-shirt will stay with me forever. A reflection also for the fans, close despite the covid and in this year’s playoff games “.

Company press release:


We could reduce appearances, goals, money in the band, defensive closures, passes, assists, encouragement to teammates.

It would be too simple and at the same time limit what Riccardo Colombo represents for the Pro Patriaand vice versa.


Smiling, available, spicy when needed, willing to help, to listen, to train with dedication and commitment, to convey the values ​​of the dressing room.


It is in the field with high performance, it is when you accuse yourself of a simulation and admit it to the referee, it is when you involve every employee who contributes day by day to the growth of the Club, it is solidarity, solidarity, life .


Know that you are a leader by making all members of “your” group feel important. Talking at the right time, getting angry when necessary, always keeping your head up, making you understand what it means to wear the Pro Patria shirt.

Today you say goodbye to football Rikybut not the colors you decided to sew from the first moment, these white-blue.

In fact, Aurora Pro Patria 1919 is pleased to announce it Riccardo Colombo will be one of the Responsible of the “new” Youth sector which will be officially presented to the press in the coming days.


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