Recruitment reform, Barbacci (Cisl Scuola): “A critical judgment remains on decree 36, despite some positive changes”

“On the decree law 36, which is about to become final, our firmly confirmed opinion remains confirmed, despite the acceptance of some amendments on which the majority parties have found the necessary agreements, supporting and obtaining for the discussion in the Senate changes. requested by us “.

He says so Ivana BarbacciSecretary General of the CISL School.

Which doesn’t change substantially– continues the trade unionist – but it is the establishment of a procurement system that does not take into account the real needs of the school, nor the failure of the models proposed recurrently in recent years. The changes introduced, such as the one that will allow the use of GPS until 2025 for recruitment in support, do not solve the limits of a system that does not attack job insecurity or enhance the professional experience gained in the field. , as it would be useful, necessary and sensible. The definition of the time commitment for training is assigned to the negotiation, as well as the quantification of the incentive bonus, but the model of professional development limited in fact to the provision of timely payments is confirmed, however, with resources obtained. of the internal sphere. savings without any additional investment “.

Our position -explain- is very clear about these aspects, which we are willing to discuss and define in the appropriate and legitimate forum, which is the contractual one and for which we ask to invest specific and additional resources: in the face of an unsustainable general wage condition. , unequal compared to other countries and other sectors of the public administration, it is not possible to hypothesize interventions on careers without cost “.

It is still: “The changes in the teaching staff of the IRC are good, for which a reserved competition procedure is rightly foreseen in analogy with what happened in the past for the rest of the teachings, as well as those that allow reserve a quota of places for temporary workers with three years of service in support in specialization courses. It is also important to include suitable candidates in the merit rankings of the competitions, or the possibility of exemption or semi-exemption from the vicar in many of the schools of the Regency.“.

According to Barbacci, “other changes have only mitigated, but not eliminated, the impact of interventions on the staff, while in the faculty card the cut is only postponed for one year. All this requires also continuing in perspective the actions aimed at restoring the necessary coherence between the objectives and strategies set out in the Pact for the school and the political options of the Government, which has largely neglected them. This is the goal that, as far as we are concerned, will guide our initiative at the table for the renewal of the contract, which will be restarted in a few days and which must immediately get to the bottom of the issues to be addressed, starting with the salary part on which it is necessary.acquire the conditions for a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible. But in the coming months, the role that political forces can play in influencing government elections more effectively will also be decisive, first and foremost obviously those that together secure a majority in Parliament. We need to strengthen the channels of dialogue with the social forces, find the necessary convergences and enforce them in politics. “.

The school, we said with the mobilization and finally with yesterday’s demonstration, deserves much more both in terms of the amount of resources invested, and in terms of the quality of projects, which are doomed to failure, as history teaches us. if it is not supported by strong elements of involvement and sharing of those who work in it, what innovations are called to be the main protagonists“, Concludes the secretary of Cisl Scuola.

Recruitment reform, cut of more than 10 thousand chairs in 3 years: maxi amendment TEXT [PDF]

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