Rape drug, dark web boom – this is how scammers erase their footprints

The Central Directorate of Drug Services (Dcsa) has published new documentation where we talk about new trends, phenomena and everything related to the figures inherent in the issue of drugs.

The dark web and social media

The summary reads:“A special mention was reserved this year on social media.” An important fact, in fact, underscores how easy it is shop “Do it yourself” in the virtual world. With some applications it is easy to exchange messages and then delete them immediately, erasing traces of a possible exchange between the pusher and the buyer. Not only that, it has become extremely easy to send and receive “ghost” packets through devices that allow you to make transitions and make the geolocation of the object unknown. The growing use of cryptographic technology is a real obstacle to the development of research to combat drug trafficking. Just download a program like Tor and a VPN to your home computer, which can anonymize your network connection, and then find the right links online to access unlimited pharmacies.

This new form of “criminal entrepreneurship” is therefore increasingly worrying because it allows us to start profitable drug trafficking activities, taking advantage of the potential offered by the network thanks to ease of access and anonymity. To deal with this situation there are hundreds of “darknet” operations implemented by the postal police, but to complicate things all are the increasingly innovative tricks that the internet allows.

Overdose and rape drug

The good news is that the number of deaths from overdose is declining. Data from 2021 speaks of far fewer deaths than the previous year. “The figure drops to 293, noting in percentage terms. A decrease of 5.18% compared to 2020, in which drug deaths had dropped to 309.” In particular, the number of overdose deaths from methadone (15) and heroin (1) decreased by 16 and those from cocaine by 7. “It is still too early to say whether we are facing a structured regression of the phenomenon, as would certainly be desirable, or whether the decline is still the result of contingent and transitory circumstances.”

The negative note refers to the fact that after 4 years a case of death by cause reappeared Lsd (lysergic acid diethylamide), the psychedelic substance that causes sensory confusion in the user.

On the other hand, the sad balance regarding seizures of liquid substances is increasing with respect to those in dose or powder. The seizures of Gbl and more than 5 liters of Ghbtwo potent dissociative sedatives, known for their use as “rape drugs” or “rape drug“This is because, when poured into drinks, they make the victim manipulable and unwilling, sometimes causing them to lose consciousness. Despite being on the market for many years, in 2021 they returned to the limelight for having has been much more online than “in the field” through illegal “covert” sites.

Substances are purchased online, almost always on the dark web (except GBL, which is legally sold in the Netherlands), and often arrive by air or courier from the Netherlands, China, France, Croatia, Canada, Poland and the Czech Republic. Republic.Then they are classified for sale and distribution.

Drug trafficking and mafia

In the national territory and beyond, also at European level, “the hegemonic role of the ‘ndrangheta Calabrians “. This type of mafia is, in fact, one of the biggest obstacles to operations drugs Because “It continues to play a key role in managing global drug trafficking, a real player capable of relocating its illegal activities.” The main activities are concentrated “on cocaine trafficking from South America and Europe’s major temporary storage areas.”

Our thing“It continues to hold up and pull the reins of drug trafficking. In fact, the business is less” bloody “and risky than in the 1990s and makes it easier to earn, generating big profits. “a position of subordination to other mafia-type organizations, in Calabria and Campania, both in terms of recruitment of producing countries and for import and distribution in the national territory.”

Finally, in the reference year, also the camorra continued in drug import activities, “Especially hashish and cocaine, taking advantage, on the one hand, of its operational projections in Spain and the countries of South America, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and, on the other hand, the close collaboration with the Calabrian clans ”.

Question about cannabis

There cannabis remains the most seized drug in our country, representing, alone, in the last year, more than two thirds (67.7 tons) of all identified drugs (91 tons). “Both hashish (+ 113%) and marijuana (+ 135%), both derivatives, while there was a reduction in the number of plants seized (-27.51%). of embargoes reached 67.7 tons, just below the average (about 77 tons) of the last decade “. Next to the drug of traditional places of import, the phenomenon of “a national outdoor production, especially in Sardinia.”

The subject of this drug is still one of the most thorny in our country. The senator of Forza Italia Maurizio Gasparri recently tweeted:“To those who make announcements about the decriminalization of cannabis by exchanging the opinion of a committee or the vote of even a parliament with a law already passed, I tell them to be very careful. In the Senate, the legalization of cannabis in any form will never pass “.

The senator is referring to what happened on June 21. The Chamber’s Justice Committee, in fact, gave the first yes to the text “Magi-Licantini”, which proposes a different approach to the issue of soft drugs. The proposal “Decriminalizes the cultivation of four cannabis seedlings at home: a way to support those who use them therapeutically and to get land out of the store”explained the chairman of the Justice Commission and speaker of the text, Mario Perantoni (M5s).

Even Undersecretary of the Interior Nicola Molteni said he was against the proposal:“At a time when we are working to increase the staff of the Police Force and thus respond to the growing demand for security coming from the territories, the signal that comes with the green light to the cannabis bill is going spectacularly in a sense on the contrary. . It’s a very serious mistake. ”

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