Rachele Risaliti: “I, Miss Italy, from the magical world of fashion to real life. Where beauty is not everything “

How important is the beauty in one’s life Miss Italy? Anyone who sees models parading down a catwalk and under the spotlight may think that fitness is worth more to them than anything else. But Rachele Risaliti it is a living test that is not so, and it is demonstrated by its commitment to show that beauty goes beyond size, beyond skin color, beyond age, beyond standard canons. And send a message to all the girls: “Don’t transform to conform to the canons dictated by social media“. No dietary stress, therefore, no obsessive competition, obsession with the passage of time, social or external slavery. Simply:”To succeed in your dreams: be yourself“.

Rachele Risaliti, Miss Italy 2016

Rachele, was participating in Miss Italy a dream you had as a child or did it happen by chance?
“I had never thought about it, neither to participate nor to be able to win it when I decided to try it. It was mid-July, the provincial selections had already begun, after a while the regional ones would begin. He had finished his university exams and was then attending the Polimoda in Florence. The idea came from one of my friends, who pointed it out to me for fun. I immediately won the first regional, then the regional selection becoming Miss Tuscany and finally the national selection, the night between 10 and 11 September 2016, when I was crowned Miss Italy. “

Is it true that among competitors there is only competition and never friendship?
“For me, I immediately became associated with some girls with whom I participated in the competition both regionally and nationally. I always sit with those with whom I grouped for 15 days in Jesolo, we were in touch, we have a WhatsApp group. With one of them, in particular, Martina Villanova who won the Miss Tricologica band: in June I will get married and she will be one of the guests “.

Miss Italy-Rachele Risaliti
Rachele was crowned in September 2016 after being chosen Miss Tuscany

Has the fashion world imposed sacrifices on you?
“I have never made any obligations of any kind, such as stressful diets, nor have I set out to keep up with what they demanded, because luckily for me I never needed them. Beauty goes beyond size, beyond dogmas dictated by the fashion world. To give an example: the year I participated in Miss Italy, the second place was Paola Tottente, and Fabiana Pastorino was chosen Miss Italy Curvy: they wore more than 42 ”.

What is beauty to you? And what does your commitment to a culture of beauty that goes beyond the classical canons translate into?
“From the fact that purely aesthetic beauty is subjective, so I myself can like someone and not someone else, precisely because everyone has their own standards: for beauty, the real, I mean the interior, which is very valuable more, above. all in the historical moment we are living. I translate all this into my business as an entrepreneur. Next week I will be doing a photo shoot where I will be taking a very special photo for my luxury jewelry brand. This is an image I want to represent the diversity of beauty. There will be a Chinese woman, two plump black girls, a mother and a daughter, there will be me and a blonde model representing canonical beauty. The message I want to send is this: beauty goes beyond age, size, skin color, ethnicity. The aim of this shoot, which we will do in Milan, is to get out of the canons of beauty, to make it clear that we are all beautiful, each in his own way. By that I mean empowering and conveying the idea of ​​diversity in beauty. “

Rachele Risaliti
Rachele Risaliti: “Beauty does not depend on the aesthetic standards imposed by social media, the size or color of the skin”

What do you think of the obsession with being beautiful at any cost, which worries certain girls, especially the little ones?
“Those who want to change to get closer to a beauty dictated by social networks and television, for which you have to be blonde, tall, thin, etc. mal. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way and must aspire to be themselves. If a girl wants to participate in Miss Italy it’s good to do so, but she doesn’t have to be transformed for that, also because sooner or later her weaknesses will come out and what she really is. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery and I understand a person who does not accept himself: if a person has a defect and wants to correct it, it is right for him to do so, but not to look like another person, just to feel good. to himself “.

Is beauty an advantage or an obstacle?
“It depends on the work that is done, but in the world of fashion there are preferences, according to the different brands. But overall it shouldn’t benefit you. In any case, you should always focus on your abilities and potentials. In certain areas, women are still seen with different eyes, the road to true gender equality is still long.

From fashion to scenery: how did you find the world of cinema?

Rachel resurrected-actress-model
Return to the set of the film God is at lunchtime

“I never left the world of fashion, I worked on Michele Coppini’s film God is at lunchtime and I found it exciting. I hope it is the first in a series of works, that the future will ask us for other surprises and roles in the world of cinema. The difference between fashion and the set? It’s remarkable: the pose for a photo is static, you don’t talk about it, you’re still. In cinema, on the other hand, you have to convey something, send a message, and it’s all communication, not just the words, even how you move, your gaze as well. From this point of view the set is more difficult, but it is also very beautiful: to be able to act you have to be natural on stage. I had fun and hope the future offers us other jobs. In any case, it will not be the world of fashion or the show in my life that will put a key to work for my happiness and fulfillment: no matter what the future demands of me, I will continue to smile. “

Model, actress, getting married soon: were there hard times in your life too?
“In my 27 years I have had moments of pain. Fortunately, few, but growing up, teach us to see life differently. Moments I remember more than growth than pain. “

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