Province – First green light of the Council for the 2022-2024 budget. The DUP and the management report were also approved – Tu News 24

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Investments of more than 110 million euros in the three-year public works plan. Funding for 80 million euros on provincial roads with 6 framework agreements and 74 million euros for school buildingsas well as a new call for selective collection of waste in municipalities for more than 6 million euros.

The 2022-2024 budget

The 2022-2024 budgetwhich obtained the first approval of the Provincial Council en ultra fast session this morning, recounts the great and fruitful work done by the President Pompey in the years of his tenure, with an absolutely important goal achieved: that of to restore to the Province the institutional dignity it deservesdemonstrating not only that it is an efficient and strategic body but that it fully responds to the function of ‘House of Commons’.

In the photos: some moments of the Provincial Council en ultra fast session this morning

The speech of President Antonio Pompeo

“This budget … is the president’s comment Pompey – is our main programming and planning tool, also in the light of an opportunity that we could fearlessly define as “unrepeatable”: the challenge of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan that not only allows us to catalyze important resources but also with organic and strategic programming and planning, invites us to design the territory of the future, through designs that we could not have imagined without a tool like the PNRR. In terms of the direct competencies of our organization, the goal is to make our roads more and more safe, to eliminate critical problems, to transform the infrastructure system into an engine of development at the service of companies. Centrality was also given to school structures, the place where our children grow up and where the future ruling class is formed. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee the highest safety standards but also modern buildings and equipment for adequate and more competitive training of young people. Another sector in which we have dedicated ourselves and is still paying attention is the environment: in recent years we have focused on a fundamental objective such as the strengthening of selective collection, making available to municipalities fundamental resources for the purchase of equipment and services. We continue to promote selective collection in our municipalities through a new call that will make available to administrations more than 6 million euros to implement the service, also from the many ecological islands that our municipalities have activated, thanks to the funds provided by the province. Increasingly encouraging results are those coming from the Single Contracting Station of our Province, chosen by Upi and the University of Perugia – which conducted an in-depth study on the SUA of the Italian Provinces – as a “model” for export among the services of Vast Area provided to the municipalities. A great job that can be seen if we only look at the figures: in 2016 the tenders carried out by the USA were 20 for a total amount of about 7 million and 600 thousand euros. In 2020 we reached 92 for more than 32 million euros. To date, some 50 Entities have signed the agreement for the management of tenders for works, services and supplies. The latest innovation in this field, approved just a few days ago, is the new register of race stewards, set up to ensure that tender procedures are carried out in compliance with the principles of transparency, equal treatment, non-discrimination. and rotation “.

In conclusion: “This budget, as it is structured, will not only allow the provincial administration to continue to play its role with an increasing incisiveness and centrality in institutional chess, but above all it is the tool to ensure the 91 municipalities of the essential territories. services for development and growth, also and above all through the exceptional opportunities offered by the PNRR, a challenge that the Province immediately accepted, establishing, second in Italy after that of Monza and Brianza, an internal working group that , assisted by a Foundation specializing in tenders and planning, assists local governments from the first phase of planning. Make our territory more competitive and attractive, defending its interests, enhancing its peculiarities, highlighting its excellence even outside national borders – he concludes President – are the battles that must be won together, channeling energy and skills in teamwork regardless of political affiliation. As for me, this is the task of a local administrator, a mission that, together with the Council, I have carried out over the years of my two terms and which I will continue to the end. “

The President of the Province of Frosinone, Antonio Pompeu and the budget delegate, Luigi Vacana

The comment of the budget delegate councilor, Luigi Vacana

“Accounts in perfect order, – is the statement of the delegate councilor in the budget, Luigi Vacana – based on an administrative surplus of more than 24 million euros and a cash availability of more than 44 million euros at 31 December. We thus approve an extraordinary plan of more than 110 million in a political vision of responsibility and awareness towards the territory and its inhabitants. We aim to have a specific impact on the needs of our communities: viability, school buildings, the environment, but also culture and the promotion of the territory. With these figures, the role of the Provinces is no longer in doubt.

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