Promotion to Calcio Play Off – The first defeat at home is fatal for Junior Calcio Pontestura

JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-1-2 (29 ‘Sterrantino, 45’ + 2 ‘Barbiero, 74’ Beltrame)

JCP: Favarin, Volpato (Cap.) (Moscato of the 35’s.t.), Messano, Viazzi, Dondi (Giuseppin from the 30’s.t.), El Atlassi, Geminardi (Beltrame from the 1’s.t.), Roccia, Amin, Vergnasco, Iacomussi. Available: Ormelese, Porcini, Bianco, Giroldo, Di Luca, Patrucco. All: Bellingeri-Carachino.

Colleretto Pedanea: Marino, Avenatti, Maranta, Corradin, Gaudino (Cap.), Barbiero, Laboroi, Menegazzi, Sterrantino, Brosteanu, Zenerino. Available: Peirano, Alfano, Benou Kaiss, Grosso, Piredda. All: May.

Referee: La Luna Simone (Collegno)
Assistants: D’Acunzi and Farsad (Alexandria)
First half: JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-0-2
Corner: JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-5-7
Reservations: JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-5-4 (Amin 27’pt, Amin 40’pt, Roccia 4’s.t., Dondi 10’s.t., Maranta 25’s.t., Marino 29’s.t., Menegazzi 36’s.t. , Gaudino i Iacomussi 38’s.t.)
Red cards: JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-1-0 (Amin 40’pt)

A quick look at the “Bianchi” stands was enough to understand that the second game of the play-offs represented something special for the JCP. A positive energy that has infected the boys of Mr. Bellingeri, in an evening waiting for the club the beauty of ten years. Hosts on the field with the same form proposed in the first game (4-3-2-1). Favarin in goal, Volpato, Dondi, Viazzi, Messano on defense; Roccia, El Atlassi, Iacomussi in the middle, Amin and Geminardi in support of the forward center Vergnasco. Colleretto Pedanea is playing the last hopes of promotion by having to give up three owners (two sanctioned and one injured): Marino, Avenatti, Maranta, Corradin, Gaudino, Barbiero, Laboroi, Menegazzi, Sterrantino, Brosteanu and Zenerino. The approach of the guests’ parties surprises the hosts, who have never suffered so much in front of their audience. Colleretto presses in an orderly fashion and does so from the three offensive quarters.

The Junior has to play with two taps to find spaces, but it’s not easy because the quality of the Colleretto is remarkable. In the third minute Amin receives a beautiful ball from Messano and serves in the Roca race. The flying left of the vice-captain does not frame the target and is lost in the background. Colleretto is dangerous in the ninth with a ball thrown by Zenerino from 40 meters. Retiring Favarin touches the ball and sends it to the corner. Amin also tries it from a distance (12 ‘) touching the crossbar. The Bellingeri midfielder received a yellow card after 27 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior. Colleretto let him go. Sterrantino concludes by finding a lethal deviation for the innocent Favarin: 0-1. It’s a cold shower for the JCP, but the reaction comes almost immediately with Vergnasco first facing Marino (corner) and then literally touching the crossbar (31 ′). The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after 34 minutes, due to a defensive blunder leaving Pedanea completely unmarked. His strike was pathetic though, easy prey for the home side’s keeper. Zenerino, alone on the far post, can’t find the door.

The white-blue was still dangerous in the 38th minute with Sterrantino, closed at the last minute by Viazzi. At 40 ‘the episode that actually directs the game. Amin takes a swing and hits it … The ref is taking no bull today and JCP is booked for complaining. The houseboat is at the mercy of the waves and tries to reach rest by containing the passive. Unfortunately, this intention is not successful either. Barbiero closes the farthest post and on the fly he scores the goal of two to zero (47 ′). In the third and final minute of recovery, Volpato headed in the crossbar when the goalkeeper was hit. Another sign of a bad night in full swing. It only remains to throw the heart over the obstacle, but it is not easy because Colleretto occupies the field of play well, closes and starts insidiously again. Beltrame for Geminardi at the start of the second half, but it was Zenerino who shot Favarin in the second minute. Roccia is cautioned in the fourth minute and in the seventh Comet Marino is saved by a corner. Yellow also for Dondi (warned that the third game will be lost) and Iacomussi’s header in the 12th minute was saved centrally by the number one guest.

Junior does not give up, she believes in it and with Vergnasco-Beltrame she keeps alive the flame of hope. Viazzi was launched in the 29th minute and it was Beltrame who scored Casalese’s goal: 1-2. Giuseppin for Dondi, Moscato for Volpato and the yellow for Iacomussi, Marino, Menegazzi and Gaudino. Fifteen minutes plus seven recovery. In this period of time the JCP throws three corners and four pounds without being able to be incisive. It is useless to look for guilt after a game like this. First of all, the value of the opponent and his ability to play the game must be recognized. Did the Bellingeri boys hear the starting point? Has the classic “little arm” arrived? Playing in numerical inferiority for so long has not helped and the will in games like this alone is not enough. PSG’s 3-1 win over Momo further complicated matters. Colleretto is the favorite in the third game (against Novaresi), while the yellow-red-blue set may not be enough to beat Mr. Calamita’s PSG. A six-point final with three teams tied for points would activate a calculation worthy of the most complicated algorithms. It was useless to turn the words: this was the game to win. The first and only home defeat of the season runs the risk of being fatal and decisive for the JCP.

Match results 2: PSG-Momo Atl.Calcio-3-1 JCP-Colleretto Pedanea-1-2 Classification: PSG p.6, Colleretto Pedanea and JCP p.3, Momo Atletico Calcio p.0.

Match 3 next round (26-06-2022) at 15.30 neutral field: JCP-PSG; Momo Atl.Calcio-Colleretto Pedanea.

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