Non-Di Less Sexual Identity Bill in Schools Launches Petition: “Recovering Affective Education Courses. Gender? Irrational and Unscientific Fear”

THIRTY. “We believe that in schools of all levels, we must ensure that roads are oriented towardscomprehensive and informed sex education it is essential for students of all ages, men and womenfreely assert one’s sexuality“Talking is the group of activists of No less Trento which attacks the bill introduced by the Brothers of Italy last June 3which would prohibit schools “from conducting projects or activities based on gender perspective, which promote him fluency in gender or sexual identity, or teach a dissociate sexual identity from biological sex“.

“It simply came to our notice then request in response to different and repeated behaviors which we note is made by institutions – feminists continue – who should, instead, defend certain cases. Need to restore education courses in gender-affective-sexual relations in Trentino. There irrational and unscientific fear of a few risks producing harmful consequences that would come affect the lives of all people living in this territory, harming ours rights it’s ours self-determination“.

The bill, which follows the petition contained in the petition of the association Pro Vita e Famiglia to promote a law “on educational freedom that excludes gender ideology from schools”, would make some changes to the Provincial Schools Act, August 7, 2006, No. 5 (“Trentino Education and Training System”), even introducing a form of prior approval, with the written consent of pairs“for all activities related toemotional or sexual education, in the reproductive health o al genre iasexual identity which include the involvement of pupils and students“A way to discourage schools to promote this type of initiatives.

A position, that of politics, which does not sound new, given this as early as 2018 the League Council had decided to abolish gender education courses.

“What moves us is one deep concern about what is happening in our territory – Nudm argues – if the bill becomes reality he would get it difficult for schools to operate freely, as they are entitled to do, of the educational itineraries of which they speak affectivity I sexuality tan inclusive. In particular, we criticize the possibility, on the recommendation of even one parefrom school ban for at least three years entities, associations and professionals who deviate from the communications or who do not comply with the strict list of arguments will allow“.

In the spotlight of the FdI bill is once again “gender ideology“:” At the base of scientific sourcessuch as theWorld Health Organization I It was (World Association for Sexual Health), which define the sexuality, as well as a right, a central component of the human being, we believe that it is not legitimate to bring it all to a ghostly, unscientific “gender theory” who has the only one misleading purpose I instrumental achieve political goals the farther from reaching the state of full enjoyment of the human rights of all. “

An emotional and sexual education you are talking about gender equality, non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientationof self-affirmation gender identity as not necessarily corresponding to the biological sexhow harmful it can be for those who grow up and are trained in an educational institution? “

That’s why activists are calling for “one public school, secular, open and welcomingso that education in differences, affectivity, and sexuality are a fully recognized and constitutive of teaching“, this is the account rejected and let them come gender relations education courses have been restored as well as introduced before cancellation: “Funded by Autonomous province of Trento – feminists conclude – held in all schools in Trentino by competent professional figures and not by the police, whose task is precisely to protect public order and security and, certainly, not to accompany people in self-knowledge ”.

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