Naples, radish festival organized by the parish. Don Michele: “I, a former DJ and a sinner, conquer the young”

NoonJune 23, 2022 – 8:49 p.m.

The rector Michele Madonna of the church of Santa Maria di Montesanto says to himself: “Delirium is not delirium, but music and fun. Our special guest will be Jesus “

from Monica Scozzafava

Don Michele Madonna, rector of the Neapolitan church of Santa Maria di Montesanto, is now 48 years old. Until the age of 23 he was a professional DJ. “I had my own nightclub, I traveled and above all I changed my boyfriend constantly,” he says, maintaining the enthusiasm of the time and especially the open and happy smile of adolescence. He is the chaplain who took the stage of “Sanremo Cristian Music”, the creator of a radish party that will take place on Saturday July 2 in the cloister of the Bianchi Institute, next to his parish. Music and entertainment, without the “delirium” that the word radish usually suggests. The event is announced on the church’s Facebook page, Don Michele’s call to meet is unique: “For once, we want to let go of the thoughts and stress that accompany this period, and devote time to the “The joy of being together and having fun … Can we count on your presence? We are waiting for you, don’t miss it! You can invite anyone aged 15 to 35.” An initiative that arrives the next day. notice from the Archbishop of Naples Mimmo Battaglia who reiterated the ban on wedding parties in rooms adjacent to churches. “That’s another thing, it has nothing to do with it,” says Don Michele.

Don Michele, is yours a provocation?
“Absolutely not. I understand that the word ‘radish’ makes us think of music, drugs and alcohol. But the time has come to cure this term: music and fun, that’s enough. With Coca- Cola, orange soda and a sandwich – all for free, beware. I want to bring children closer to Jesus, after all I come from this world and in spite of being a great sinner I heard the call in my heart. And I entered the seminary.

Tell us about the transition from that life to that.
“What I do know is that I had a great time, i liked the music and the girls. He had opened a nightclub in the Casoria neighborhood where he lived. I was happy, but despite the many commitments I felt I didn’t feel love. I was always looking for something bigger, until I realized that the light I wanted to approach was Jesus, I finally met him and fell madly in love with him. Jesus will be the special guest of my radish. The boys don’t know it yet.

What do you mean?
“If I had called the party, such as Music with Jesus, probably no one would have come. The church must be lived with a different approach. Since I am rector in the Montesanto neighborhood which remains a difficult area of ​​the city, do you know how many young people have asked me to enter the seminary? Lots of “.

But didn’t you find it excessive to use the term radish?
“Why? It’s rave Christian music with Christian music, but one of the most beautiful. English, Spanish. We’ll have a lot of fun, I’m sure.”

But what does it tell young people to have so much follow-up?
“They don’t get bored with me, after all they know my past and find in me a friend who knows how to catch them. We do a lot of initiatives together, of which little is said. Ours is an important task to prevent young people from being on the street and succumbing to temptations. The church should be an open place for discussion. Boys must know Jesus, understand that he exists.

Don Michele talks to us and we listen to background music.

Do you always dance in your church?
“We are in the middle of the summer oratory and three hundred children are waiting for me. If you’re between 15 and 35, I look forward to my radish. ”

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June 23, 2022 | 20:49


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