Naples, playground in San Giovanni a Teduccio: free sports under the murals of the Che

The work is not yet finished but children and parents are already piling up the new playground built at the foot of the Iron Tavern buildings known to many as the Bronx. We are in San Giovanni a Teduccio, a neighborhood in the east of Naples. The space in front of Che Guevara designed by Jorit has just been remodeled and welcomes a brand new basket, made of steel and against the action of vandals. The playground, inspired by the American model, is a gift for basketball fans and for many who have never had a chance to play.

The work is born thanks to the initiative “A basket for a friend” presented by the amateur sports association Charlatans Basket Napoli and by the ONLUS Darefuturo in collaboration with the City Council of Naples which was responsible for the restoration of sewers and pavements. The idea is to bring a basket to each neighborhood of the city of Naples to allow the dissemination and practice of sports and, in particular, basketball for free. The project began in the district of San Giovanni in Teduccio in September 2016 with the placement of the first two baskets in the complex of the comprehensive institute Sarria-Monti in Corso San Giovanni.

And it ends, at least for now, right in the neighborhood of Naples East with the inauguration of the space of via Parrocchia scheduled for Saturday, July 2 at 10 am with the presence of the municipal councilor responsible for sports, Emanuela Ferrante, and the president of the VI Municipality (Barra, Ponticelli, San Giovanni a Teduccio), Sandro Fucito. It is the twenty-third basket built or remodeled as part of the project and will be named after Frediano Peraino, a young student from Sorrento who died in Paris as a result of an accident.

The operation of urban regeneration allowed to recover the public space that for a long time was left and not taken care of.. This is explained by Rosaria Liccardi of the former fighting committee of the Taverna del Ferro who has been fighting for some time to redevelop the large area of ​​San Giovanni near the municipal park ‘Massimo Troisi’. The activist stresses that, pending the start of the complex planned interventions – such as the partial demolition of the Bronx and the construction of skyscrapers and a park – ordinary maintenance must be guaranteed and the daily problems of the neighbors as abandonment. decay. The need to give back space to the little ones thrilled the commission volunteers who did not hesitate to get their hands dirty and work hard to transform the abandoned parterres into a space of sport and entertainment for many. Some parents in the area did the same and also bought the paint to retrieve the enclosure wall. The challenge will be to safeguard the dignified and clean space: Rosaria Liccardi explains that the work can be made easier with the support of others and calls for a brushcutter but also walks and a fountain that can further beautify the place in the shadow of popular buildings.

23 is not a random number: it is that of Michael Jordan, the famous American basketball player. This is highlighted by Giancarlo Garraffa, president of Charlatans Basket Napoli, in illustrating the project that has brought, in fact, twenty-three new baskets, or recycled, in six years and, therefore, the possibility of being able to play a lot of people. freely, especially young people. The rest of the installed baskets are in Fuorigrotta, Bagnoli, Vomero, in the district of Montedonzelli and in the Piazza Medaglie d’Oro as well as in Secondigliano, Pianura, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and in the Mostra di Oltremare. We also took part in Pozzuoli, the promenade and the Rione Toiano, and in Monteruscello. Garraffa – who thanks the non-profit organization Darefuturo and the friends of Urban Jungle, as well as the Taverna del Ferro commission for their strong commitment – explains that the placement of the basket in San Giovanni a Teduccio is a challenge with which he took pleasure: it is a gift to the territory to which moments of free training will be associated with young people who spontaneously approach the practice.

Therefore, a piece of the Iron Tavern was recovered from the abandonment and returned to the neighbors. In the coming months, the interventions that the City Council of Naples has imagined to restore the decor and security in this corner of Naples will take place with the resources of the PNRR.

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