Maturity 2022. Second written test: economics and math do not scare children. Video

Second day of expiration 2022 with the written tests that, this year, have been processed directly by the commissions of internal examination of the institutes to indication of the Ministry. The second written test does not scare young people who consider themselves satisfied with what has been done.

Legnanese Varesotto – Continue on “Marathon” of maturity which, returned in a more traditional way with two writings and an oral interview, thus reaches its second day of proof: the one dedicated to written address.

The second test is the one that, in this return to normal, has undergone more changes than in the past. No longer sent by the ministry, the traces are in fact different this year according to the direction of study, as prepared by the internal examination courts of the institutes. The day of the exam in fact it is raffled off among the preparations the track that will realize all the classes of the institute.

Started at 8.30, the duration of the second written test varies from one address to another. It is about one-day essay, usually 6 hours long (but there are frames of reference that may also include a duration of 4 hours or a maximum of 8 hours), in the artistic baccalaureate test that lasts 3 days 6 hours daily). The test is done in written, graphic or written-graphic form, practical, compositional / musical and choreographic.

At 12 noon, here are the first graduates to hand in their test. We met them.

The second written test don’t be afraid of boys who consider themselves satisfied with what has been done, even the hard-core, always-feared math lady by accounting programmers and students of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences, no longer seems so scary.

Giuditta i Francesco, by Scientifico Galileo Galilei they found their proof of maturity: “It simply came to our notice then. IerI – says the Judith- I chose the theme of music “. Francesc: “After two tests, a first assessment that can be made is that the second test was more feasible, we finished it quite quickly, almost at the end of the three canonical hours; I’m more excited about yesterday’s Italian test; all the accessible tracks, but I’m not very enthusiastic ”.

“It went pretty well, I chose Problem 1 and then other questions; yesterday I chose Verga and in this case I was fine too “. says Luciano. Philip chooses problem number 2 and says: “No one did it more than I did; I have only encountered difficulties in a few questions. Yesterday I chose the track on the environment “. Remy: “I thought it was more complex, but it didn’t go wrong. Yesterday I also chose the topic in Verga “.

I look forward to hearing the texts of the tests, which this year are not ministerial, but prepared by internal professors. I think this represents a guarantee for students of this post-covid maturity. The father’s months have left their mark, which can be translated into insecurities, with parts of programs not treated with the usual rigor, in-depth study, exercise. Teachers know their own classes and will propose tests consistent with the preparation, certainly qualified, both to give the opportunity to demonstrate their preparation, and to enhance the merit of the most committed or the skills of excellence, which are not lacking. . I believe that the aim of the examiner should be to empower the student, putting him in the conditions of being able to express the best of his school and personal training, to which the teacher has dedicated energy and educational passion ”. this is what Sabrina Torno, vice-chancellor and professor of mathematics at the Liceo Galilei, thinks.

Annex‘Bernocchi Institute we know Manuel from the High School of Applied Sciences: “I expected it to be very difficult, it actually went really well; what I saw last night finally showed up. Four questions I answered, then I chose problem number two, where I answered questions A and B; I explained C and D orally. Yesterday I chose Liliana Segre- goes on – because I bring the story to the interview and so it was easy for me to connect“.”We were a little “panicked” by the return of traditional maturity, but it’s okay to go back to maturity. Now the interview is waiting for us“. Next to him also Luca: “proof that it has gone better than I expected; in class, during the course, we did much more difficult things, I had studied and therefore I hope it went well. During the year we have always studied, even during DAD I want to say that we have not wasted our time; even yesterday’s topic didn’t go wrong, the preparation has always been there“.

The test was also good for Chiara: “I’m happy with the result, we were prepared, our teachers had prepared us well: if you like math, you can. We are now preparing for the interview. “ With them too Massimo also did not find the math test difficult.

In the neighbor Istituto Dell’Acqua is the economy to test accountants, programmers and analysts.

Fabio of the direction of the AFM, found this second test even easier than the Italian test: “in the last two years we have been better prepared in the field of management, compared to the development of the subject; the fact that the traditional maturity returns is better, however, keep in mind that we were two years at DAD, so the preparation is still a bit incomplete, although in any case compared to the previous two years, this year we also have we have prepared. The oral exam is waiting for me in two weeks, we will prepare for the best!“.

Jacopo from the SIA address, a very easy second test because he says: “During the year we trained very hard, so the exercises were easy to try. Now there is the oral exam and it is what scares us the most because there are more subjects, so there is a little more anxiety“. Jacopo’s return to traditional maturity is positive: “It’s harder, so it’s worth it.”. All right for too Address of Elisa, AFM: “I expected it to be much more difficult but it went well, the preparation during the year was very important and that’s why I also thank the teachers.”

To Crespi de Busto Arsizio, Valentina and Alice:the test went well and we were lucky on the track; debatable proof, you could extensively discuss everything we’ve looked at over the past five years and beyond they say you can also be inspired by other topics “. In contrast, oral anxiety increases: “There is some anxiety claimhowever, we are sure; although I hope that the teachers, knowing the path they have taken over the years, can give us an idea during the exam“. Ivan states that the proof was:feasible, nothing impossible; I found the part of the Humanities program difficult, in general writing the subject was complex. I found availability in the teachers. We will now address the oral, expecting more of a talk than a difficult question. “.

Giada and Giorgio preferred the first test: “writing was nicer, this was doable but heavier. We expected much worse, but it turned out to be the most affordable track. “.

Having joined the DAD for two years has no doubt penalized him: “Several vicissitudes penalized us, but we tried to get the best out of it to face maturity“. Now the oral: “We live in a relaxed way, making connections is a little scary, but I’m happy with the members, so it’s okay.”

Jannick and Federico, Marco Pantan Instituteon: “It simply came to our notice then. During the year the teachers helped us and prepared us well, but it is always an important step to take, we have returned to normal and it is the right way. Now the oral is waiting for us ”.

The second test was a challenge Luca and Alessandro: “It simply came to our notice then. Congratulations to our teachers for the preparation they have provided us. Orally, we are also calm: the program is a lot but it is done ”.

Another group of boys from Pantani, where: “unity is strength”.

“We are especially grateful to the teachers who reassured us and prepared us well. Also during the course the teachers helped us to face the maturity in the best possible way, without their help we would have lost a piece to take the exam. We are a good group and therefore together we could also deal with the oral ”.

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