Kira Dikhtyar, the Russian model, threatens the Washington Post journalist: “The Russian mafia still exists. We’ll review you and your family “

Extravagant communication strategy or somewhat confusing ideas? “We will replace the brands that have left because of Western sanctions.” He announces it to Washington Post the Russian model Kira Dikhtyar. He will return home from the United States to launch a new brand in Moscow. All “inspired” by Western models, obviously a bit modified. An initiative against the current. But then he thinks about it. And he threatens the journalist who interviewed him, evoking the Russian mafia. Here is the new reverse: “It was just a joke, are you really afraid of the Russian mafia? “. Continuous ups and downs that surprised the journalist who listened to him on the phone for more than two hours. And that in the end he decided to explain everything. Kira’s project, but also the threats received.

Who is Kira Dikhtyar? On its website it is defined as an “international super model”. Below are a number of covers for prestigious magazines: Bazaar, Maxim and also Playboy, portrayed by the lens covered only by a beige lace blouse that leaves nothing to the imagination. He is 33 years old but sources report very different ages. To the Washington Post illustrated his plan to take over the Russian market. He has a clear idea: “Replicate international brands, obviously introducing some variations.” That’s right: “We will change the design a bit so that we are not sued by companies.” In the face of objections, he replied, “What’s the matter? It is an extraordinary opportunity here in Moscow. The market is huge. “And the figures resonated:” Think about it: 150 million people have nothing to wear because all brands are retiring. “

She seemed lucid in explaining the project, a little enterprising, a little patriotic. Then the turn. The model called the journalist to ask that the article not be published: “I’m not allowed to speak yet.” And to make his request more urgent, he threatened: “The Russian mafia still exists. We will check the background of you and your familyThen a new phone call: “It was a joke, are you afraid of the Russian mafia?”.

So far the story of an interview. Which, of course, made me more curious. In addition to the brilliant covers, Kira had great television popularity for participating in The Face in 2017 and a showdown with Naomi Campbell. It didn’t go well. After the recording of the show, he stated that during filming he had felt constant pressure from the supermodel, so much so that it created a nervous breakdown. “Campbell hates the Russians. Yes, she is an extraordinary woman, but she has a very difficult character and it is impossible to work with her. After the treatment I received from Naomi, I had to go to a specialist and I am still trying. The channel pays for my treatment. ” Unconfirmed statements by the issuer. Campbell’s staff reacted sarcastically: “We are very sorry that Kira is so ill, we hope she receives the specialized care she apparently needs.”

Were the model’s claims true? Or, again, an attempt to get media attention? The fact is that, to console herself, she changed the color of her hair, hitherto very blond, and appeared on the beach in Miami in a brunette version in a sexy black dress combined with the new hairstyle. Obviously in favor of the paparazzi. It’s not over. In a lengthy interview posted on his website, he recounts his difficult early career. The story: “I was told I had a photo shoot in London. When I got to the hotel, I went down to the lobby and there was this producer. He invited me to his house and told me that the shooting would take place there. ” Moments of terror followed: “I still remember the address of the place where I later discovered, organizes orgies with girls from 14 to 16 years old. I immediately told her I was a virgin, but that didn’t stop her. He raped me and threw me in the street. Then he did not contact me again. I was only 15 at the time. ” Kira explains that she never reported it “It simply came to our notice thenHe then defended Jeffrey Epstein, the businessman arrested and convicted of sexual abuse and international child trafficking. “When I first came to the United States at the age of 17, Jeffrey seemed like an angel to me. at 15 years old. And it never touched me. “

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