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Sworn technical report: what it is, how to do it, the obligatory contents and the template to download

In this article I will explain what a sworn technical report is, how it is done, who swears it, when necessary, what the mandatory contents are. I will explain the difference between a sworn technical report, a simple report and a sworn report.

What is a sworn technical report?

The sworn technical report is a statement made by a qualified technician who assumes full responsibility for the statements made and the veracity of what is stated in the report. In the event of false statements, the sworn declarant shall be liable in both civil and criminal matters (criminal sanctions provided for in Articles 75 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 and those referred to in Article 19, section 6, of Law No. 241/1990).

This is not a simple assessment, so I recommend that you rely on software with special specifications that will guide you in the automatic drafting of various documents, including the certified technical report. In this way he will make sure that he does not make mistakes in the elaboration of the documentation and that he does not run into criminal sanctions.

When is it needed?

The sworn technical report is required in several cases. In general, it must be attached to the application for the qualification. Going into more detail, I can tell you what to do in case of:

  • CILA;
  • SCIA;
  • PDC (Work License).
Sworn technical report, when

Sworn technical report, when

In addition, a certified technical report may be required when the technician needs to certify it legitimate state of ownership (for example in the case of the acquisition of real estate), proving the existence of a series of requirements and that the state of affairs complies with the titles of the building and the cadastral situations. In this sense, I refer to art. 9-bis of Presidential Decree 380/2001.

Who can certify a technical report?

The report is signed by an authorized professional, who may be:

  • surveyor;
  • engineer;
  • architect;
  • construction expert.

How to make a certified technical report?

The technical report to be certified varies depending on the type of file to be submitted. Need:

  • to recover the appropriate forms depending on the municipality and the type of intervention;
  • Fill forms;
  • sign and seal the report.

It usually occurs in the form of substitute statement of notoriety deed, in accordance with Art. 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, where the technician assumes all criminal responsibilities in accordance with art. 75, 76 of the same decree.

In particular, art. 47 provides as follows:

1. The deed of notoriety concerning states, personal qualities or facts directly known to the person concerned shall be replaced by a declaration made and signed by him in accordance with the procedures referred to in Article 38.
2. The declaration made in the self-interest of the declarant may also refer to the condition, personal qualities and facts relating to other matters of which he has
direct knowledge.
3. Without prejudice to the exceptions expressly provided for by law, in relations with the public administration and with public service concessionaires, all states, personal qualities and facts not expressly indicated in article 46 are accredited by the interested party by means of the substitute declaration. acts of notoriety.
4. Unless the law expressly provides that the complaint to the Judicial Police Authority is a prerequisite necessary for the activation of the administrative procedure for issuing duplicates of identification documents or, in any case, proof of personal status and qualities of the interested party, the loss of the same documents occurs. accredited by the person requesting the duplicate by means of a substitute declaration.

Likewise, with regard to criminal law, art. 76 provides:

1. Whoever issues false statements, forms false documents or uses them in the cases provided for in this recast act is punished in accordance with the penal code and the special laws in the matter. The sanction ordinarily provided for by the penal code is increased by one third
in the middle.
2. Viewing a document that contains data that no longer corresponds to the truth is equivalent to using a fake document.
3. Substitute declarations made in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 and statements made on behalf of the persons referred to in Article 4 (2) shall be deemed to have been made to a public official.
4. If the offenses referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 are committed in order to obtain appointment to public office or authorization to pursue a profession or art, the judge shall, in the most serious cases, may apply the temporary ban on public office. or of the profession and art.
4-bis. The provisions of this article also apply to the certificates provided for in article 840-septies, second paragraph, letter g), of the Code of Civil Procedure.

What are the required contents

There is no mandatory content; in principle it depends on the purpose of the relationship.

For example, in the case of a sworn report intended to obtain a rating, the contents vary according to:

  • common where is the property for which a technical report is being made;
  • typology intervention.

Simple report, sworn technical report, sworn appraisal

What’s the difference between a simple report, a sworn technique, and a sworn appraisal? The fundamental element that differentiates the 3 types is the level of responsibility:

  • simple relationship: is a technical description that does not imply important responsibilities on the part of the signing technician;
  • sworn technical report: implies a high degree of responsibility towards the administration as it guarantees the veracity of a fact and / or a document;
  • sworn appraisal: is the document that has the greatest responsibility on the part of the qualified technician. A false affidavit goes against s. 483 of the Penal Code according to which “Whoever falsely credits the public official, in a public document, facts of which the document seeks to prove the truth, is punished with a prison sentence of up to 2 years.”.
Technical report - declaration - typologies

Report / technical statement: type

Jury technical report and SCIA, the model to download

The designer certifies the technical report in the case of SCIA, aware of the enormous responsibilities that derive from it (criminal sanctions provided for in articles 75-76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 and those referred to in art.19 section 6 of Law 241/1990). ):

Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 76, if the verification referred to in Article 71 reveals the falsity of the content of the declaration, the declarant shall lose the benefits resulting from the benefit issued on the basis of the false declaration. .

Whoever makes false statements, forms false documents or uses them in the cases provided for in this Collection and sanctioned in accordance with the penal code and the special laws on the subject.

The following is a downloadable SCIA template that contains (on page 8) the sworn technical report template to be completed.

How much does a certified technical report cost?

It is not possible to set an accurate cost for the certified technical report, as it may change depending on several factors.

Very easy-to-use special specification software is already on the market with a guided and intuitive input, perfect for automatic drafting of a series of practices, including technical reports with relative forms. The models inside are constantly being updated; in addition, you can always take advantage of an active online service in the software thanks to which you have real-time updates.


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