Football, alarm plant in Genoa: Sciorba and Carlini under renovation

At least 1,500 spectators, colorful and noisy, for the final of the Haze Cup, a very meaningful student championship, between the Nautical and the D’Oria, schools divided by a historical and very proud rivalry (for the record, the Nautical won for 1 to 0). A real invasion that the Ligorna system fought to resist. The grandstand overflows which, according to the forthcoming guidelines of the National Amateur League, will be able to accommodate a maximum of 99 spectators for the Ligorna matches at home in Serie D. And then the question that arises spontaneously is why a sporting event , although at the amateur level, so sensible, has not had a more suitable location. All this does is re-propose the millennial theme of sports facilities in our city.
Multifunctional structures such as Carlini and Sciorba are awaiting radical interventions, an inevitable restyling for systems that, especially as they were conceived, are affected by the weight of the years. The Carlini will rise and rise above a large tank that will pick up all the Amt vehicles in service to the east (the one at Passo Cavallotti has never been replaced). It will continue to be home to rugby, but it will no longer have a velodrome, given that the number of track cyclists in our city is very low. Instead, there will be a new and very modern gym where, among the various activities, fencing will stand out. The final project has been approved, the executive project will now be archived and then the bidding will begin. Estimated costs between 30 and 40 million, construction time of not less than 24 months.

La Sciorba is also moving towards a total restructuring, although the project to transform it into a sports citadel has come to a sudden halt due to a lack of funds. But after thirty years, the athletics track can no longer stand and it is now anachronistic to insist on natural turf. The transition to synthetic will allow intensive use of the field for the benefit of football clubs in the area. The area for outdoor cinema will be used for a plot of 7 (60×40), obviously with state-of-the-art synthetics. To be optimistic, however, it will take at least five years to carry out the project to relaunch the obsolete plant on the left bank of the Bisagno.
The president of the FIGC, Giulio Ivaldi, who in recent years has fought like a lion to get the reform of many football fields managed by amateur clubs. The last interventions date back to 2003 thanks to the Carige Foundation. Almost twenty years later through a synergy for a large part of the public (Municipality and Region), but also with the intervention of companies, the synthetics of Lagaccio, Ca de Rissi, Sanguineti, Baiardo, Ligorna, XXV Aprile and Pra . With great satisfaction of the companies that have the plants managed in front of practically symbolic quotas and much less of the leasing companies whose number of partners had been announced for propaganda purposes, when it was time to press for public contributions . Later, however, they became simple customers to whom to increase rents, offering them even worse hours (there are teams that train from 9.30pm to 11pm). So much so that a long-time politician like Stefano Anzalone, who has been close to the problems of sports clubs for many years, goes so far as to propose: “Given that these are clubs affiliated to the Federation itself, it would be a single direction is needed to verify that the contractual conditions do not follow the logic of a negotiation with the private sector. In fact, we must not forget that the bulk of the investment was public and not by the dealers.

On the agenda, President Ivaldi also had a quick rebuild of the Sant’Eusebio, Pian di Ferretto and Cige plants, but everything is quiet. And there are those who whisper that at most there could only be funds for Sant’Eusebio that has such a rugged and irregular layer that it endangers knees and ankles.
An installation that is in the process of being renovated and that promises to be a real gem is the Sampierdarenese in the Belvedere: 11, two of 5 and clubhouse. Here, through the National Coni, the funding came from the “Sports and Peripheries” fund that had previously rebuilt the Begato 9 field and in this round has already completed the Cornigliano field, in which both Genoa have been looked at. as in Sampdoria. for the respective youth sectors, and is active for the Borzoli (works are progressing slowly because part of the sewer network has collapsed under the plot) and the number 7 of Via dell’Acciaio.

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