Final balance of the 36th edition of the Magna Grècia-Troccoli Prize in the name of literature, journalism and school


The final assessment of the 36th edition of the Magna Grecia-Troccoli Prize is made in the name of literature, journalism and school:

“We speak, among other things, of Giovanni Verga on the centenary of his death, read by Giuseppe Troccoli in a Deleddian vision” (Pierfranco Bruni)


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A final balance of the 36th National Prize “Troccoli Magna Grècia“- Edition 2022 – with the great satisfaction of the organizers, the winners of various Italian regions, the partners for the cultural promotion of the territories and the authorized presence of the winners of the different sections, as well as of the young students of the school section. the group of young people classified nationally for the Olympic Games of physics, mathematics and philosophy.

A strong thank you for this edition of the Troccoli Prize revealed the authorities present, protagonists of this event. Numerous applause from the audience for Pino Nano’s warm and affectionate letter addressed to the audience. “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you, President of the Prize, on having staged an event 36 years ago that perhaps only a few believed in. I am proud to have been on your Honor Roll over the years and I am glad that this year you have awarded an icon of militant journalism like Franco Siddi. I have known Franco since Raffaele Nicolò took him to Calabria as the “Madonna pilgrim” and then the boys and young chroniclers looked at him with immense admiration. “Today,” concluded Pino Nano, “to bring it to our digital homes every week is Carlo Parisi with his newspaper” Giornalisti Italia “which explains very well the anxieties, problems and worries of our world.”

In the meantime, here are some testimonials from the participants.

The mayor of the city Gianni Papassocommented: “I wholeheartedly congratulate you on this 36th edition of the Premo Troccoli Magna Grècia, which has long since crossed the borders of Calabria, as this initiative, which has been enriched over the years, fits in with the theses of the “Municipal administration, which is interested in the cultural renaissance of our town and the whole territory: this is a cause for pride and satisfaction. This” cultural spring “aims to relaunch Cassano.”

While Pierfranco BruniChairman of the Scientific Committee of the Prize, for his part, commented: “This edition is especially important and significant because we talked, among other things, about Giovanni Verga on the centenary of his death, read by Giuseppe Troccoli through The vision of a key writer: Grazia Deledda: Every year the Premo has faced problems related to the protagonists of contemporary literature, such as Ungaretti, Pavese, Selvaggi, Troccoli. in Florence an in-depth lecture on Troccoli and his literary production “.

Also the county councilor Gianluca Gallo -former mayor of Cassano- commented on the initiative as follows: “I certainly couldn’t miss this 36th edition of the Award because I’m especially involved in this event because, as mayor of the city, I’ve collaborated for the best result of the same. . Bringing together many illustrious personalities from various Italian regions in Cassano is of great importance to the city of Cassano. The aspect of cultural marketing should also be highlighted, which has been developed in parallel with the cultural aspect, as Cassano and the Troccoli Prize have been written in a positive tone in the press, also at a national level.

Francesco Maria Spanò, Director of Human Resources at Luiss University “Guido Carli”, awarded in the essay section, observed that: “Calabria seen from afar is observed with the heart: Magna Graecia, Sibaritide, my Gerace a certain nostalgia. Observed closely, however, rationally, we realize that Calabria is far behind the other regions for historical and social reasons. I should also point out that outside of Calabria, our compatriots have achieved medium-high professional profiles. Unfortunately, organized crime causes negative influences. As for the Troccoli Prize, I am very honored: it is the first recognition I receive, among other things, in my region: I am very happy and proud.

“This award is very important for students, for teachers and also for me, who is the director of the comprehensive institute” Casalini “of San Marzano di San Giuseppe (TA), because we are carrying out a particular project , with study and research on the authors of Italian literature of the 90’s, to understand our time. Maria Teresa Alfonso – have studied Italian, Ukrainian and Russian authors to better understand the contemporary world around us. It should be added that we are carrying out – at the same time – another project for our arbereshe community, to protect the language, traditions and customs of a community that seeks to preserve its cultural identity over time. Our children were brought up in foster care: in fact, we welcomed some Ukrainian children who have been well integrated into our community. ”

The demonstration led by Andrea de Iacovo it was also enriched with the detailed promotional documentation made available to the participants by the partners for the cultural promotion of the territories. Precisely under the banner of this, literature, journalism and education are intertwined.

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