Extreme heat and sex: what’s the relationship?

The hotter it is, the less sex you have: Various scientific studies seem to show that there is a link between sexual availability and climate. We take summer: when the thermometer goes up, we dress less and the exposure of a more naked skin can increase the excitement of others. Conversely, when it is very hot, you sweat more and therefore smell more easily, thus discouraging any offer of love. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether the days of hell lead to equally hot nights.

cha having sex. An American study on the birth rate would show that heat is not synonymous with passion and sex: a period of high heat, with a daily average of more than 27 degrees, always follows, in fact, a drop in the birth rate in the 8-10 years. later months.

It happened in 2015 in the United States, when heat waves caused a postponement of the maximum conception period from spring to late summer of that year. According to some hypotheses, exposed in the scientific journal DemographicsIn recent decades, rising temperatures have even led to a worldwide decline in births, estimated at just under 107,000 children a year, although it is unclear whether the phenomenon is due to lower sexual activity. future parents, exhausted by the heat, or a decrease in their fertility rate due to heat spikes and especially the pollution that causes them (climate change depends in fact almost exclusively on harmful substances released into the environment by activities human beings).

Pollution and lifestyle. According to New York epidemiologist Shanna Swan, author of Countdown: how our lifestyle threatens the fertility, reproduction and future of humanity (ed.Fazi), pollution is the real cause of phenomena such as the reduction of the average size of the penis or the reduction of the ability of both sexes to have children. “Today, in some parts of the world, the average fertility rate of a 20-year-old girl is lower than that of her grandmother at 35,” says Swan, who describes the situation as global existential crisis.

According to the researcher, this reduction is caused by some pollutants, in particular phthalates, chemicals that until a few years ago were used to make toys, food packaging, detergents and cosmetics, which accumulate in the body and they alter the hormonal balance.

Especially the male: after examining 185 studies with about 45,000 men, Shanna Swan and her team concluded that in Western countries the average number of sperm produced decreased by 59% between 1973 and 2011, while during the years next there is less data but the trend continues.

One spermagedon destined to reach its peak in 2045, when the scholar predicts that “most couples will have to resort to assisted pregnancy techniques in order to have children.” Contaminants that affect the hormonal balance, inhaled or ingested by pregnant mothers, could also be the cause of slight variations in male anatomy: in some children exposed to phthalates during fetal life, a smaller anogenital distance, anatomical measure that usually related. the size of the penis more contained.

Male flop. In addition, pollution can cause men to fail between sheets: according to a US survey of 400 adult men, people exposed to high levels of air pollution are at risk of becoming thin in the bedroom. 15% more times than the average. In fact, when a lot of CO₂ is inhaled, the body reacts by producing more serotonin, which causes a decrease in libido.

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