Ethan Torchio dei Maneskin bursts into Portanova rape trial

For an interweaving of chats and messages, in the framework of the view of the judgment against the player Manolo Portanovathe name of Ethan TorchioManeskin battery.

We had to talk, in the courtroom, about Portanova and the other subjects involved in a dramatic court case he sees a young woman accuses them of rape. A delicate investigation, the result of the complaint of a 22-year-old student, who accused the Genoa player and those present that evening of having abused her in a group, against her will and with unprecedented violence. Three suspects plus a fourth tried by Juvenile Court.

Talks with Ethan Torchio arose at the Portanova trial

The lawyers of the parties in the case, before the judge of the preliminary hearing of Siena, called to decide whether or not to send the player to trial and the others, submitted a report with unpublished content. According to reports from the I would runthe lawyer Alessandro Betti on behalf of Portanova’s cousin (also accused of participating in the collective violence, which took place on the night of July 30-31 in Siena), presented the report of a forensic psychologist, who analyzed the young woman’s chats.

In one of them, the name of the drummer Måneskin appears, Ethan Torchio, who had an affair with her and, it must be emphasized, had nothing or nothing to do with the history of Portanova. Ethan is not currently involved, although depending on the evolution he could possibly be consulted as a witness.

According to Betti, the ten-page chat, which precedes the facts involved in the Portanova proceeding, is useful for framing procedural history. “At the end of the careful study of the material made available, it can be concluded that the event is part of a certain dynamic … There is no evidence to suggest that the offended person has expressed his disagreement with the defendant . in a clear and unequivocal way “, concluded the forensic psychologist.

The reaction of the girl’s lawyer

Inevitably the intervention of the girl’s lawyer, Jacopo Meini, who stressed that in the exchange of messages there were no prerequisites:

“In the full version it is clear that my client is against group sex. He writes clearly: I don’t care much. “

“It was a consensual relationship,” the lawyer said Gabriele Bordoni, Portanova defender. “There was group sexual violence and more, my client was also beaten,” Meini replied.


The injury report and prognosis presented by the 22-year-old

The 22-year-old was reportedly taken to hospital after being ill-treated, and the report speaks of 40 days: she reported being beaten, shot and insulted during about half an hour. discharged with a prognosis of “more than 40 days”: she was reported hit in the hips, buttocks and deep wounds in the private parts.

Among the new elements that emerged, there would also be a kind of diary, in which the 22-year-old reported her suffering in writing, first to a psychotherapist and then to a psychiatrist. Among the deposited papers also the testimony of the best friend. The night she met Portanova and her friends, between July 30 and 31 last year in an apartment in the center of Siena, she was also there, although in another room and with a boy who has no nothing to do with the complaint.

In the indictment last March, the prosecutor Nicola Marini had pointed out as “Portanova, aware that the girl was in love with him, despite the young woman’s clear intention to be alone with the suspect … they forced her to have sex by taking pictures and shooting her. . ” .

Portanova’s position: abbreviated procedure hypothesis

In view of the new papers, the Siena judge postponed everything until 5 July. According to the player’s lawyer, Gabriel Bordonion this date, the decision to proceed with the abbreviated procedure and not the ordinary one must be formalized.

Meanwhile, the Siena Preview Judge, Ilaria Cornettiaccepted the request of Portanova’s lawyer to update the hearing to assess the evidence presented this morning by the association The Woman calls the Womanconstituted civil party.

It should be remembered that for such a crime, there is a penalty ranging from From 8 to 14 years.


Maneskin drummer Ethan Torchio bursts into Portanova rape trial Source: ANSA

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