Di Maio leaves the M5S and creates a new party. Few Calabrian parliamentarians follow him

CATANZARO – “It is good to protest against the municipalities and also against the region when the sea is dirty and sewage treatment plants do not work, when there is waste on the street or fires. But protest also against yours uncivilized neighbors, dishonest businessmen who commit crimes environmental and against those who do everything to make Calabria ugly ”. Governor Occhiuto addresses the Calabrians directly and takes stock of the situation of the “clean sea” after the interventions launched in the Tyrrhenian treatment plants with prescriptions that will resolve much of the chronic criticism of the last twenty years already this summer. He does it in a video where he also talks about it waste and the fire situation, with the interventions implemented by the Region, but above all asking the citizens to row on the same side, denouncing illegal situations. “I wish the Calabrians could make a social and fair control on the institutions and, therefore, also on the Region and the Municipalities, but also on its neighbors, on those that are Calabrian but do not understand that the best way to build a future of development for our Region is to contribute each one for the its account to show that Calabria is precisely, as it is, an extraordinary region ”.

“As president of the Region – Occhiuto explains – I worked a lot on the sea and pollution, remove sludge first instead of municipalities, since it had not been done in the past. And then, considering that even the sewage treatment plants still didn’t work well, I sent plant by plant to the regional technicians where they saw what was going on and what had to be bought to repair it. I called a table with the mayors and gave them the funding decree with the prescriptions for doing the work. . But I didn’t stop there, I had several meetings with the prosecutors, the carabinieri and the port authorities, who are doing an extraordinary job ”.

First signs of a clean sea. I hope that already in 40-50% of the problems solved

“Well, in the last few days we are seeing the first signs and things are going a little better, “stresses the governor who says trust and expect it.”for this summer to solve the problem already at 40-50%. Not 100% why for twenty years there was no talk of purification. Politics and institutions have not done their duty. There are hidden resources committed to unspent purification – it stands out – but also many defects also on the part of those who had to manage the treatment plants and many illegal dumping. There are many companies that when they open their business do not pose the problem of debugging. There are people who, when they ask for the intervention of the vacuum cleaner for fences, are not billed for the intervention and therefore vehicles unload what they take directly into the sea. There are many, he explains again, that they have no respect for the environment which is one of the main values ​​of Calabria and is a source of wealth and development. When we are able to communicate images of our sea, which when clean is the most beautiful in Italy, we communicate an image of a beautiful Calabria “.

“Garbage, tourists on the street and not garbage”

Not only purification but also waste management interventions. “We have made important interventions,” said the president of the region. Every summer we had piles of garbage on the street because the Region did not give to the Municipalities the possibility of having them. We made a law to reorganize the waste system, even amid controversy and protest from many mayors. We have appointed a commissioner who is working very well and now city councils know where to send their waste. We can finally have a waste-free summer. A summer where there will be tourists on the street and no rubbish. Also in this case, citizens do well to protest when no waste is collected, but dthey should also protest against those who throw the bags on the grass and that they do an enormous damage to our image disfiguring and polluting ”.

“Fires, a working group in the field and tougher sanctions”

Unfortunately, summer in Calabria is also synonymous with bonfires and fires. Occhiuto explains that “in many cases they are malicious in nature. I also deal with this by providing a primary system for civil protection associations. There will be 80 in the field to monitor the territory and will be paid not for the number of extinctions but for the smallest number of fires that occur. We are trying to make the same deal with some forest workers. We have made an important agreement with the carabinieri. Awe will have 5 thousand carabinieri who will watch over the territory to prevent fires from destroying our forests. I wonder why fires should be lit, destroying the social and natural capital of our Region, made up largely of forests. Also on this, Calabrian citizens do well to protest in front of institutions when they do not fulfill their dutybut also protest against the uncivilized, the stupid who set fire to our forests. And tell these gentlemen, Occhiuto concludes, that this year the sanctions will be aggravatedbecause national legislation has changed, and it will be more difficult to start fires as we will set traps, we will have many law enforcement officers to monitor the territory and we will have drones that will monitor from above. All the resources we have to spend because of so many uncivilized people who need fire “.

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