BUT ALICE DON’T KNOW / Chiara and Rachele, the artistic girls who did the feat … good luck with honors

“With a clean face / Going out on the street eating one / Apple with school books / Do you like to study / Don’t be ashamed / And when you look with those big eyes / Maybe a little too sincere, sincere / Voices what you think / what you dream “ (Albachiara, Vasco Rossi).

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t get caught up in dogmas, which will lead you to live according to the thoughts of others. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions be silenced. Your inner voice, and most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition: they will guide you in some way to know what you really want to be in. Everything else is secondary. Be hungry. crazy “ (Steve Jobs).

Chiara Pirazzini and Rachele Sara Rutherford are the two third-year B students at the Ravenna School of Art who closed out the school year with ten on the ballot. Two excellences, in short, so much so that the director Gianluca Dradi, and the whole school, congratulated them “for the profound commitment that has seen their recognition in the final evaluation.”

Yes, because ten is not a simple number. Do you know how much commitment, perseverance, tenacity there is behind a ten? Don’t stumble upon it by chance. It is built every day, one brick at a time, working upside down and not being distracted by the sirens that “but hey, it’s impossible to have all ten”. Nothing is impossible said an advertising slogan. Impossible is just a word, usually called by those on the bench to those on the field fighting inch by inch. As Al Pacino said in his monologue Every damn Sunday: “Life is a game of inches, and so is football. Because in these two games, life and football, the margin of error is very small. Understand it. Half a step done a little early or a little late and you can’t do it, half a second too fast or too slow and you miss the grip. But the inches we need are everywhere, they are all around us, they are in every break of the game, every minute, every second. In this team we fight for a centimeter, we defend ourselves with nails and teeth, because we know that when we add all these centimeters the total will mark the difference between victory and defeat. Our whole life is there, that’s what it’s all about. In these 10 centimeters in front of the face “.

It’s like the footballer wearing the number ten jersey on a football team. It’s not just any t-shirt. It is the champions, and the best is always expected of the champions. You can’t wear the number ten t-shirt because you’re good or because you’re fine. Something more is needed. Someone prosaically calls it the X factor. That’s right. Talent is essential but it is not enough on its own. The world is full of misunderstood genes and tacit talents. We don’t need any more. But if you add study, method, perseverance to talent, we have the winning mix. Being number ten is not easy, as it is not having a bulletin with the highest marks of all the subjects. Because that implies one thing: that from now on people expect ten of you, as they expected from Maradona the goal that would save the game. Always. With great powers it carries great responsibilities.

Talking to Chiara and Rachele I have the clear impression that they are well aware that their outcome is just one stage of the path they will have to face as they grow up. But they have no crickets on their heads. They keep their feet firmly on the ground and even though they still don’t know what they want to do when they grow up, one thing is certain: when they understand it, it will only be a matter of inches. Because the numbers ten do this: they fight for every inch and in the end they win games. And this year Chiara and Rachele have won a big one. But here is our talk.


What are the reasons that led you to choose to enroll in the artistic baccalaureate after high school? After finishing your third year, would you make that choice again?

RACHELE – “I chose this school because since I was a child I have always had a great passion for art and a particular predisposition for drawing. I’m glad I chose art school, it’s definitely the best course for me. “

CHIARA – “Mine was more an option dictated by destiny. I wanted to go to the conservatory because I had been playing the piano for many years, but I also started visiting some high schools and in the end I was convinced that I would choose the school that would inspire me the moment I entered it for the first time. When I joined Artistic I said to myself “okay, this is my school” and in fact I chose. I took the music course so I was able to combine my passion for piano with a high school course. I would do absolutely anything. “

What have been the most beautiful and least beautiful moments, or at least the most difficult, in these three years?

RACHELE – “The pandemic was the most destabilizing thing. I lived the first two years of high school in a different way than I had imagined. For example, it was a historical practice of the Liceu to change classes in each lesson, obviously with my father this was not possible: but that peculiarity was one of the main reasons that had led me to choose this school. So I was a little discouraged. This last year was the best for me, precisely because we finally returned. at the school in attendance, and I had a great time with the class, we were together. And the environment of the Liceu in general is welcoming, there is an air of open-mindedness. “

CHIARA – “The worst moment for me was also the pandemic. Ours is a very practical school, working in the labs is essential and this was not possible as a parent. For us it was like going from eighth grade directly to third grade, because the first two years were characterized by distance learning. The best time, however, was to be able to go back to school this year. “

Were you surprised to find all ten in the report card or did you expect it in some way?

RACHELE – “I can’t be hypocritical and say I didn’t expect high marks, it was enough to average the marks taken during the year … But it was a good surprise anyway, I didn’t to be nothing. I’m sure he would be 10 “.

Did you also expect a 9 in summary?

RACHELE – “There was a 9 and a half, which later became a 10, the teachers took into account other factors besides the pure algebraic calculation of the grade point average, so it was a great satisfaction and happiness.”

CHIARA – “I was really expecting it because with the electronic register you can see the average of the grades, but I had about 9 and 80, 9 and 75 that are usually rounded. So no, it wasn’t a big surprise … But I was very happy when Deputy Director Morigi told me to take a picture with my notebook because it’s something to be recognized. That was never done. “

Have you ever taken a bad grade or been scolded by your teacher?

RACHELE – “It never happened to me in high school, in high school I got a six less in technology, I still remember (smiles, ed), there were some quarrels because maybe I was chatting annoying my classmates … but since I’ve been at the Artistico they still haven’t scolded me “.

CHIARA – “The only bad grade I got was in high school in a test, but the teacher made the wrong argument and in fact the test was canceled. On the other hand, I had taken six and a half, the others had taken all 3, 4, 5. I scolded a teacher that I never took, also because I am a very shy person. Then there was the father and it is very difficult for the father to be scolded. “

What are your extracurricular interests? Do you do sports, go out with friends, do you have any hobbies?

RACHELE – “I do a theater class every Wednesday at the acting club, I started three years ago. There is a very good and prepared teacher, Cristiano Caldironi. I’m a pretty quiet girl, I go out with my friends on Saturday afternoons, sometimes we have dinner together. “

CHIARA – “I play the piano, I started when I was 5, then I sang and during the pandemic I learned to play the ukulele and the guitar.”

Now I ask you a question that when I was asked … I hated. Do you have a boyfriend?

RACHELE – “No, it’s still early.”

CHIARA – “I have, for a year.”

Were your colleagues happy, did they congratulate you on your report card, or did someone chew it a little?

RACHELE – “They congratulated me, I think they were happy for us.”

CHIARA – “I’m convinced that someone has gnawed …”

Do you still have two years left in high school but already have some ideas on what to do when you grow up? Steve Jobs said in his famous speech to Oxford graduates: “Your job will be an important part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied with it is to do a great job. And the only way to do a great job is to love what you do. you have found what suits you, keep looking, don’t stop, as with your heart issues, you will know that you have found it as soon as you have it in front of you.. “

RACHELE – “As a child I said that I wanted to be an astronaut, like all children … I hope to work in the field of art, in an open environment where I can cultivate my ideas. I’d like to have experiences abroad, but I’m still not sure. “

CHIARA – “With the fact that everyone has always told me that I can do anything in life, I have the problem of understanding what I really want to do, and I still have time to think about it.”

What’s the biggest joke you’ve ever made in your life? What do I know, despite your mother or brother?

RACHELE – “In primary school I cut my classmate’s dress which was quite expensive … it got stuck in the chair and I instinctively grabbed the scissors and cut it (smiles, ed). “

CHIARA – “My mother is a very open person and I can entrust everything to her, so doing something in secret is impossible because she is chasing me … as a child I remember that my twin sister and I cut the hair of all the barbies, a At some point I cut a big lock of my sister’s hair and then they had to cut all her hair to get rid of my damage. “

As I listen to his answers about the jokes inside me, he smiles thinking about what he would have said if someone his age had asked me. A list of a thousand things that might have been mentioned came to my mind, I wondered “how long do we have?” but I am Alice, it is in my nature to chase the white rabbit, the Cheshire cat and the crazy hat. There is no single way to be young, just as there is no single way to be an adult. Calvin said that sometimes one thinks oneself incomplete, and one is only young. So let’s be honest, you’re never 100% complete … and thank God, if you don’t know how boring?

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