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Unique check: blackberry for Rdc too after June 30thgood news for homes with the Basic income. (Check out the latest news and then Read all the news at the Single Check in Telegram. Get the latest news on bonuses, work and personal finances every day on your mobile: join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook Write all your questions on Instagram Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel To continue reading the article on your mobile, tap «Keep reading»After the following image).


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In fact, Rdc owners will be able to send the Rdc-Com / Au model too after June 30th and this delay it will not entail the loss of the blackberry which have accumulated since its departure from March 1st.

This was announced by Inps, in message number 2537 of 2022 which partially modifies the information provided to users last month.

Delays are not lost

As you know, Legislative Decree No. 230 of 2021 states that the disbursement of the Single Pass for families receiving the RoC must be made with identical modalities of the Income of Citizenship. And therefore, without the need to submit the application.

But in several cases the social security institution may apply to information supplement.

It happens when there is one a surchargewhich may be due when both parents are holders of so much income from work. (When you lose your single check, all cases)

Not to mention the increase that is reserved for families who have a Isee up to 25 thousand euros if one of the family members received the family unit allowance in 2021.

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Who received the payment

In general, these are the families they have first payment already received:

  • families with both parents, for the share due to minor children or adults with disabilities;
  • in single-parent households, for minor children or adults with disabilities (as long as they are dependent and with Isee regulations). In this case, the due check is within the 50% limits.

(The highest single benefit for the unemployed: this is how)

Single check: how to send the model

The INPS also clarified (in a previous post) that the model Rdc / Com – Au, can only be submitted via telematicsconnecting from INPS website.

But there is also an alternative for those unfamiliar with electronic tools: you can go to Sponsorship and ask for the necessary help.

Unique verification: the opinion of the Ministry

But why did the INPS do that? reverse than the June 30 deadline to also receive single check arrears?

It was decisive Opinion of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. In practice, the Rdc-Com / Au model was considered an element for the acquisition of useful information for the recognition of the Citizenship Income / Single Czech integration. I not a question access to treatment. (Single control fails: how to verify research)

Therefore, a simple integration cannot lead to the loss of delay in case of delay.

Precisely as a result of this assessment, the model can be submitted after the deadline of June 30 without the delay causing the loss of arrears that had been accrued from March 1.

Obviously one imagines that in March it was a paid Rdc request is already active.

Single check: conclusion

And therefore, in conclusion, the Social Security will have to recognize the amounts that refer to the delay in the integration between the Citizenship Income and the Single Check.

But not only that: increases must also be included (from March). I reiterate: regardless of the date of submission of the model.

Single check: what to include in the model

We remind you what it should be inserted in the Rdc-Au model:

  • if there is an adult child with a non-disabled age to prove the conditions that allow the payment of the Single Universal Passage up to the age of 21: as, for example, in the case of continuing education, vocational training or any enrollment in a degree, internship assistance, etc .;
  • if the family unit is made up of a single parent (in the case of separated, divorced or natural parents who do not live together);
  • declare the conditions for receiving the temporary increase of the Single Check (Isee not exceeding 25,000 euros and use in 2021 of the ANF for at least one member of the family unit);
  • declare, if applicable, that both parents have income.

For adult children it is necessary to present this model, only in this way will the continuity of the benefit be possible. In this case, the model can be transmitted directly by the adult child.

In the case of a single parent this model is a must to receive as well the remaining 50% of the integrationotherwise it could only be disbursed after submitting an application.

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