Aidem: Dots, lines and colors like Kandinsky to move in space and acquire topological concepts (Accredited online teaching laboratory)

WebLab (online art laboratory) accredited by the MIUR (4 hours) and aimed at teachers, educators and teachers, to design practical workshops that, inspired by contemporary art (and in particular from Kandinsky’s works), can stimulate childrenAcquisition of topological conceptsby creating an artistic collage and a story in images.

Is it possible, through art, to support children in the knowledge of the space around them?

The painter Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944) wrote in his text “Point, Line and Surface” that shapes and colors come to life from a simple point.

From a specific point in a space, it is possible build multidisciplinary paths inspired by freedom of artistic expressionwhere they can be children, even very young ones “Accompanied” in a journey of knowledge and awareness of topological concepts.

The acquisition of topological concepts is fundamental for learning, as they regulate their understanding. relationships that are established between children and the environment around them.

In addition, concepts such as ABOVE-UNDER, IN-OUT, NEAR-FAR, RIGHT-LEFT are very important in the process of approaching and improving the requirements of reading-writing, because they support the correct placement and direction of letters and signs in space.

For these reasons, we have organized a WebLab (Online Educational Laboratory), in which the first protagonist will be precisely the point: we will leave here for a journey to discover shapes and colors, where knowledge will be produced by playing with lines and spaces.

Alignments and overlaps they will give rise to recurring symbols in the works of artists such as Miró, Klee, Matisse and Kandinsky himself.

The teacher, together with the participants, will explore the trends of the line, the magic of the shapes and the intensity of the color, creating works that reinvent the use of colors and materials.

Stimulating creativity various approaches and paths that can be replicated in other contexts will be testedsuch as creative workshops, playful moments, etc.

NB This is not a traditional workout. The aim of this WebLab is to create shared paths and an exchange of information between the speaker and the participants.

The WebLab is MIUR accredited (4 hours of training), present at the Sofia platform (Identification code: 73778) and can also be paid via Teacher’s card.

WebLab (Online Art Workshop) – MIUR Accredited Course (4 hours)



When: Thursday, July 14, 2022

Schedule: 17.00 – 19.00

Teacher: Daniela Troni, Specializing in illustration and art workshop for children.

Based on the experience gained, he created the “Fantasticarte” project, with which he offers training courses for teachers, providing them with the means to be autonomous in the management of art workshops.

LIMITED OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for registrations received before Friday, July 1, 2022

LIMITED SEATS (to ensure moments of confrontation and interaction with the teacher and other participants)

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PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES to be carried out by the participants during the WebLab:

  • WE CREATE AN ARTISTIC COLLAGE FROM ONE POINT, LIKE KANDINSKIJ: the speaker will guide the participants in a creative activity, easy to re-propose even to the little ones. Starting from a point, we will give life, through the lines, to different forms that must then be related to each other to favor the perception of space and the acquisition of topological concepts.
  • FROM SHAPES TO COLOR: following the works of artists such as Miró, Klee, Matisse and Kandinskji himself, the alignments and overlapping of dots and lines on different surfaces and materials will stimulate children’s multisensory perception.
  • FROM COLLAGE TO NATA CONTES: the collages created will give life to a story in images that each participant will be able to personalize and collect in a leporello.


  • Per develop creativity some children.
  • Per encourage learning of topological concepts.
  • To discover the multiple languages ​​and topics of contemporary artistic research and learn to use them in laboratory activities.
  • Per explores lines, the magic of shapes, and the intensity of color.
  • Per create works by reinventing the use of colors and materials.
  • To learn to use the sign as a free art form and encourage experimentation through the use of graphic and pictorial techniques.
  • All activities performed during the meeting can be proposed to children in multiple workshops.


  • WebLab is an online art lab, which aims to create shared paths and an exchange of information between the speaker and the participants.
  • The course is accredited by the MIUR (4 hours of certified training) and present at the Sofia platform and can also be paid through Teacher’s card.
  • The WebLab is a closed number: It is not a “traditional” training, however experiential type and centered about sharing and comparing.
  • At the end of the WebLab each participant will receive one certificate of participation (4 hours).
  • Event recording available in the next 48 hours for all participants.
  • Payment terms: Bank transfer, money order, PayPal, Teacher’s card.


  • Teachers of all levels
  • Educators
  • Workshops
  • Anyone interested in learning about a new way of teaching art and reproducing it in practical artistic activities (and not only)


  • 200 gram A4 sheets (example Fabriano album)
  • Tempera of various colors
  • Brushes
  • Vinyl glue
  • Wax cake or black oil
  • Scissors
  • Colored cardboard, corrugated cardboard, fabrics, any material that can be glued to the sheet (we will make a collage)


WebLab registration is required fill in and send the registration form by email or fax to n. 0376 1582116.


  • 15% DISCOUNT if you register until Friday, July 1, 2022.
  • Additional 10% discount. for 2 or more participants from the same school.


LINK Registration form:

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