Abortion, the annual report of the ministry wants to convince us that it is not an obstacle course

Last week, the Ministry of Health published the annual report on the application of Law 194/78, with data relating to the year 2020. voluntary termination of pregnancy works very well … according to them. It took me a few days to accept what I read, because it seems so good that it convinces you that there is a parallel reality where abortion is not an obstacle course. Returning to planet Earth, however, the territories are deserted, clinics unmanned, long waits and public health still imbued with stigma and moral judgments about abortion.

Let’s start with the structure: maybe the ministry thought no one would read it, like when you say you accept all cookies and privacy policies without even knowing what they are. Instead, looking at it, one wonders — for example — how useful it can be for the public to provide numbers on conscientious objection at the regional level. In Calabria almost 70% of gynecologists are objector; in Molise, my region, 83% do not have abortions … translated, however, only means a non-objection doctor; in Lombardy the objection rate is 60%. Then? In which cities can I access the service? Which hospitals in the province should I go to for a quick and safe abortion? And beyond the relationship, what are the steps I need to take to terminate my pregnancy?

Many women rely on the precious practices of mutualism and the enormous community work like @ivgstobenissimo, in which they find support, advice, accompaniment. This fact, however, it should scare us: What do those who do not have access to this information do? What’s just out of the bubble?

Or again, why is it celebrated in the relationship the reduction of IVG among minors (which drops to 1.9 out of 1,000) and then not a single word is spent on access to the pill EllaOne “Five days later”? Neither information campaign, nor the will of the Ministry to promote sex education (and contraception) in schools … but it is precisely contraception -even emergency contraception- that lowers the numbers of these tables, Minister Speranza also stated. on several occasions. Why, then, is there no concrete commitment in everything that comes before abortion?

Know your body and bodies in general, talk protected sexof desire and consent, of sexist violence, of desired and unwanted pregnancies, of advice and territorial health services, to answer the doubts and questions of those minors who are not just a line in a graph.

The situation presented in official document it also contains information that had not been available before, namely access to abortion during the Covid-19 emergency. “In 2020, the number of abortions decreased in all geographical areas,” but go? Many hospital wards have become Covid wards, especially during the first six months of the pandemic. There were even abortions suspended, although these are procedures where time is crucial. Not to mention all the testimonies collected @objectionpusshed on the difficulty of accessing abortion if it is positive for Coronavirus.

Fewer miscarriages than in previous years, is that good news? We are told that everything is fine, because they are not the ones who have to knock on the doors of twenty-three hospitals before a right is recognized. And by knocking, first then we’ll break down the doors.

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