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Mayor Mario Conio has chosen how new joint. In a few hours, the appointments will be formalized with the appointment decrees that will sanction the officialdom.

The training of councilors changes and with them also the proxies. There will be a composition with two first quarter confirmations and three new entries. The mayor will retain the representation a: human resources, budget and taxes, local police and investee companies, major works and strategic projects, transparency.

5 will sit next to you advisorsthe two confirmed by the first term:

Espedit Lombards – It’s back Deputy Mayor – It will have the delegation to: urbanism and private building, public works, school building, roads, car parks, maintenance, removal of architectural barriers;

Barbara Dumarte – Tourism promotion and events, territorial marketing, policies for children and adolescents;

Daniele Festa – environment, energy policies;

Laura Canya – social protection, demographic and cemetery services, equal opportunities;

Manuel Fichera – Heritage, school, state property and technological innovations.

The majority of the municipal council will be made up of 6 municipal councilors, who will be appointed to their respective positions.

Chiara Cerri – will take on the role of group leader – with responsibility for financial policies and economic planning, trade, culture, general affairs;

Maurizio Negroni – will be proposed to the presidency of the municipal council;

Giancarlo Ceresola – health, sport – territorial representative of Levà;

Lucio Cava – protection and development of the historic center, civil protection, twinning – territorial representative of Taggia;

Mauro Battaglia – protection of the fauna, agriculture, wharf – territorial representative of the nuclei;

Ernesta Pizzolla – citizen decoration, street furniture – territorial representative of Arma;

A nice waltz of changes that matured after the June 12 vote. As for the junta, the average age is lowered but the big news is the new entries: Laura Cane and Manuel Fichera who are ‘promoted’ by city councilors to councilors and then Festa, an important task for him, being also from his first experience as an administrator.

The board is renewed, leaving aside Negroni, Cava and Pizzolla. Elections could have influenced the election. Among the majority ranks of the city council, there is also a change in the role of group leader from Ceresola to Chiara Cerri. Recall that the only unconfirmed former director of the first term was Raffaello Bastiani. On the other hand, Andrea Nigro was absent from the electoral contest, entering the council of Un Comune a Movimento and then passing to the majority.

The appointments matured in a climate of confrontation between the elect and the mayor. Face-to-face interviews that allowed us to examine what has been done and expectations for the future. These days a ritual phase has ended and then led the mayor to compose the team, called to cover the entire term and lay the groundwork for the consequences.

These are choices made with a view to continuity with the past, but also with a focus on the future of the next 5 years for Taggia. – Mario Conio emphasizes – I have decided to invest in candidates who have given an excellent performance both in the previous term and in this election, giving them important responsibilities. Each of them, and especially the new councilors, will be called to a great commitment ”.

“The road ended 5 years ago and we are starting a new one as a sign of renewal. I will ask all managers, especially those with more experience, to put themselves at the service of the group. I remember that 82% approval required constant sacrifice and commitment on the part of each of us. We cannot disappoint citizens who have renewed their confidence in us. “ – concludes the mayor of Taggia, Mario Conio.

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