2 girls victims of the Boiler summer cup

The story of two Friulian girls.

It started on June 21 from some social platforms, the aberrant and reprehensible tam tam you see bullying, teasing, teasing of girls that do not reflect the physical forms of the cover.

It’s called the “Boiler Summer Cup,” and it’s a challenge, literally a challenge, that sees the overweight girls who are gambling while unknowingly being filmed with cell phones. Some pre-agreed groups of boys go to the busiest places, identify the fattest, curvy, strongest girls, and to complete and win the challenge, they must pretend to seduce the wretchedfor the sole purpose of making viral videos, which will then be posted online, for ridicule their victimsas they call it, “boilers,” literally “water heaters.”

There is even a score to refer to to decide who will be the winner: whoever manages to approach girls from 80 to 90 kg will acquire 1 point, from 90 to 100 kg 2 points, up to a maximum of 5 points, for those who can approach girls over 130 kg. Unfortunately, as is often the case through social mediacertainly able to unite, but also, as in this case, of destroythis challenge has gone so viral that it has taken over as well at beach resorts such as Lignano.

To put it bluntly two Friulian girls, who had decided to indulge in some leisure during the weekend, like all his friends, in a coastal town that is certainly not lacking in nightclubs, discos and parties. “We arrived in Lignano on Friday evening, along with the company of historical friends,” says one of them. “On the occasion of the birthday of one of our friends, we did it decided to go to a very popular place, since that evening there would also have been a guest “, says the girl. “As soon as you arrive, seeing the place is already quite crowded, we stayed a little awaywait for all those crowds to dilute a little, so we can go to the counter, ”the girl continues.

“I try Never immerse me in the crowd, because I am a very insecure person, I always have the feeling that others are laughing at me ”. Martina is talking, a very young girl, just over six feet tall, who is about twenty pounds. “It simply came to our notice then I felt safe in the company of my friends, to let goand then dance to the beat of the music, as everyone has been doing for a long time. ” One would never have imagined that, soon after, his self-esteem, already decidedly low, it would have led him to close like a hedgehogthus ruining the following days which should be of leisure and joy.

“At a certain point, a boy with a bold attitude, and he started dancing with me. At first I didn’t notice, but then a group of guys caught my eye. I guess their friends, who were laughing, had mobile phone in hand, trying to film the scene “, Martina’s voice is now clearly darker. There is shame, almost as if she, the victim, feels guilty about what happened.

“I have immediately removed, with my head down, while the tears kept falling on my face “, he continues. “I do not know what I finally made this video that this group of thugs intended to make me and I don’t even want to know, because it would hurt me too much to see myself mocked and harassed while I don’t do anything wrong, if not have fun with my friends. ”He concludes.

Martina returned home a few days ago, along with her friends who, of all things they tried to comfort her and make her forget that bad episode, with little success. The peace of mind of the girl’s parents is also useless, who, in a futile attempt to do so. regain some security for your daughterthey see the collapse of years of struggles against bullying and eating disorders, which always remain unfortunately in the first place as the main cause of discomfort and, in the most serious cases, of extreme acts made by the victims themselves, often unable to withstand the trial of some people.

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