you can request it until June 30

There Student card is a tool, promoted by Ministry of Educationwhich allows the children attending state and equality high schools (institutes) to obtain discounts and concessions in different areas: from books and other educational material, to travel (by plane, boat, train), to training courses.

It is not a card on which the student is credited with a specific amount. This tool, in fact, It differs greatly from other measures designed for the youngest, such as the 500 euro bonus reserved for new adults. The card allows you to certify your status as a student to obtain discounts and benefits and can be applied for from the first year of high school. remaining in force for 5 years. Basically, the card accompanies the student throughout his studies.

Thanks to In collaboration with Poste Italiane, the student card can also be activated as a real rechargeable prepaid card.allowing the student to take advantage of a greater number of discounts and make safe and traceable purchases.

Students have until June 30 to fill out the application form and hand it in at the school office.

So let’s see what the Student Card is, how it works, what benefits can be used and how it is requested.

IoStudio Student Charter: What it is for and how it works

The purpose of the Student Charter is to provide a tool capable of certifying student status to facilitate access to certain concessions and discounts on the purchase of products (both in physical and online stores) and services.

It is important to remember that this is a very different tool from the bonus for new adults, as well as from the Carnet Nacional Jove. In this case, in fact, it is useless to ask “how much money is there”? as no cash is paid to the Student Card.

However, from the 2013/2014 school year, the card was integrated with a payment instrument. Basically, the student can use the card as a genuine Rechargeable Prepaid Postepay, which allows him to do so. take advantage of a wider variety of concessionsamong which you make your Student Card available and the BancoPosta discounts from which you can benefit.

The choice to integrate the card with a payment instrument is also aimed at raise awareness among young people about financial education and the use of electronic money.

The student card is free of charge. This means that it can be requested free of charge by the student at any time during the school year, until the end of it.

The card can also be used abroadwhere the student can also benefit from the concessions promoted by the country he is going to visit.

IoStudio student card, all the benefits and concessions and where to use it

As already mentioned, the Student Card allows you to have discounts and bonuses for members who have joined the initiative. That’s all physical stores as well as online stores which, however, must be part of the list of those who have joined the initiative.

On the Carnet d’Estudiant website there is a real search tool for the concessions closest to you: just enter the address and city where you live and the type of agreement you are interested in to get the map of all the nearest partners in which to make your purchases.

There are many sectors and areas involved. Among the advantages of the Student Card is the possibility of obtaining discounts on:

books, magazines, school supplies (including stationery), cinema, theater, sports, games, movies, music, hotels and hostels, training courses (sailing, computer science, languages), museums, exhibitions, monuments, ecological oases , parks and water parks, telephony and internet, driving school, trips and study trips by plane, boat and train.

In addition, if the card is activated as an electronic wallet, in addition to the basic concessions that the IoStudio circuit opens, it is also possible to use the discounts at the BancoPosta circuit.

Student card, how to apply and how to activate it: there is time until June 30, 2022

Until a few years ago, the Student card it was automatically distributed by school secretaries. Today, however, that is no longer the case The student must submit an application to obtain their card.

However, the procedure is not complicated. First, cWhen connecting to the student card website, it is advisable to download the application form and fill it out. The form must be handed in at the school office. but beware:

the application form can be delivered to the school secretary before the end of the school year and, more specifically, before June 30.

If the application were to be sent late, in any case, it would still be answered, but delaying the delivery of the card pending a second print window.

However, even after receiving the card, it cannot be used immediately as a nominative prepaid card, but must be activated. To do so, the student must connect to the website dedicated to the Student Card and click on “First access” at the top right, where you can apply for credentials.

Then, accessing the reserved area, the student can request the issuance of the PIN. Once obtained, the last step is to complete the activation process going to a post office for the identification procedure. At this stage, if the student is a minor, he / she must be accompanied by a parent with an identity document. In addition, you will need the parent and student tax codes.

Once the procedure has been completed, the PIN will be delivered to your home within 20 days of the request.

How and where to use the IoStudio Postepay Student Card

Once activated as a prepaid card, the Student Card can be used for shopping. In particular, the card can be used in:

physical stores and online stores that accept Visa and Visa Electron cards.

With the Student Card it is also possible to withdraw at ATMs located outside post offices and scattered throughout Italy or even at Visa ATMs around the world.

What to do in case of loss of student card

In case the student does lose the card or the card should malfunction or in case of theftyou can always ask duplicate of student card.

If the lost card is active and also has credit, the student must block the card. You can request the blocking of your card by calling the toll-free number 800.00.33.22 and communicating the PIN.

In case of theft, however, it is necessary report the theft to the appropriate authorities.

The student has the possibility of recovering the remaining credit still present on the card by going to a post office and, in case of theft, also bring the complaint.

Once these steps have been completed, which are not required if the Student Card did not have a residual credit at the time of the loss / theft, a new Student Card can be applied for. Also in this case, the application must be made to the school office.

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