Unique and universal check, a few days to order blackberries

There are still a few days left to order itInps the arrears
ofUnique and universal verification (AUU): funtil June 30, 2022, which has not yet done so, can apply for the months of March, April and May. Beyond this date, the aid will be disbursed from the month following the submission and without arrears.

What is the only universal check 2022

The unique and universal check is a financial aid to familiesrecognized, under certain conditions,
for each dependent child until completion of
twenty-one years old and no age limit for children with disabilities. Has annual duration and the disbursement application must be renewed every year by submitting the
request on the INPS portal, through the INPS call center or at the CAF and board of trustees. Applications can be submitted at any time of the year and, if accepted, entitle you to the disbursement of the benefit until February of the following year.

With the establishment of the new single and universal check, the payment of the salaries of allowances for the family unit (ANF) and the family allowances: from the end of February 2022 the temporary aid for minor children provided for by Legislative Decree no. 79/2021, the deductions for dependent minors in accordance with art. 12, sections 1, letter c) and 1-bis of the Tuir) and only for families with children and orphans, the subsidy per family unit (article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 69/1988).

Single universal check: beneficiaries

The single subsidy is due to all familiesregardless of the employment status of the parents e no income limits. It is recognized according to the economic condition, based on the equivalent economic situation indicator (I see), for each minor dependent child, and up to the age of 21, in the presence of certain conditions, and begins from the seventh month of pregnancy.

The function is available on the INPS website “Simulation of the amount of the monthly check”, Which allows you to calculate the monthly“ indicative ”amount of the new dependent child support benefit. The result is only indicative: to obtain the service you must submit the application and wait for the result of the research conducted by the INPS on self-declarations.

A condition for being eligible for the USA is that at the time of submitting the application and for the entire duration of the benefit, the applicant is in joint possession of the
citizenship, residency and residency requirements.

The benefit is also granted to the separated or divorced parents who submits the application even though he is no longer part of the family unit: the law does not prescribe the necessary cohabitation. And me too grandparents, if they are caregiversthey can apply for the single universal subsidy for grandchildren, minors and adults up to the age of 21 (INPS circular no. 23/2022).

Single check: applications with or without Isee?

The AUU application must indicate:

  • Composition of the family unit;
  • Place of residence;
  • They were one or both parents.

In order to receive the full allowance in relation to the family’s financial situation, it is necessary to attach the ISEE. In the case of a single grant application without an ISEE, the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) must be submitted later to obtain the ISEE. In this case, the amount due will be recalculated from the date of acquisition of the Equivalent Economic Status Indicator.

Single check amount

Families with a Isee less than 15 thousand euros
they can perceive every month 175 euros for each minor child. That amount decreases with increasing ISEEup to 50 euros per child per month for Isee equal to or greater than 40 thousand euros.

Surcharges are expected for:

  • each child after the second;
  • large families;
  • children with disabilities;
  • mothers under the age of 21;
  • two-income households;
  • compensate for any financial loss suffered, if the amount of the check was lower than that which would have been received in the regime prior to the reform.

In addition, a temporary increase is expected for families with Isee less than 25 thousand euros.

Individual help with adult children

The check is finally paid reduced size for adult children up to 21 years
in the event that:

  • the dependent adult child attends a school or vocational training course or a degree cycle;
  • does an internship or job with a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year;
  • they are unemployed and looking for work in the public employment services;
  • performs the universal public function.

There is no age limit for children with disabilities: if they are between 18 and 21 years old, the increase has increased from 50 euros per month to 80 euros per month. In addition, parents of disabled children over the age of 21, while receiving the allowance, may continue to benefit from the tax deduction for dependent children.

Compatibility with other concessions

Finally, according to the Tax Agency, the single check does not absorb or limit the daycare bonus and supports the use of any other cash box in favor of dependent children provided by the Regions, the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and the local authorities, and with the Basic income.

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