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How to present the convenience and feasibility of an intervention with ECOBONUS 110 in a residential building? See how to prepare the report and download the sample.

Super bonus for the condominium, it is essential to show the benefits of the intervention. Download the practical example

Present the economic convenience of a energy efficiency intervention with 110 It’s not that easy. Take for example the case of a condominium: in fact the customer consists of one plurality of subjects that do not have specific knowledge.

Therefore, it is essential to propose to the condominium assembly and the administrator a clear and effective intervention report showing the benefits of this intervention.

Here’s how to do it practical example of how to prepare an optimal presentation. The report will include:

  • preliminary analysis;
  • the work to be done;
  • estimated energy and economic savings;
  • the tax credits that can be requested.


The condominium we want to renovate is located in Turin and has these characteristics:

  • has 10 real estate units;
  • it is not isolated;
  • the attic and floor of the boxes are insulated;
  • it has a boiler system.

Obviously the rules we follow for this example they also apply to condominiums with different units and real estate features. Therefore, there is nothing to prohibit the use of the report even in the case of single-owner buildings or in the case of a chalet. To write our report we use the software for the Superbonus TERMOLOG.

We present the 5 key points of the report Superbonus. First, our report shows the proposed efficiency improvement intervention or interventions in the condominium. There are five essential elements that characterize the solutions:

  1. What work needs to be done and the relative unit costs;
  2. The features of the new envelope and system;
  3. Total energies and energy balance indices before and after the intervention;
  4. How much is saved each year on fuel (and therefore on the bill);
  5. The amortization time of the intervention.

Already with these five points we enter into the merits of the issues that really interest the customer.

How to make the double leap in energy class

One of the basic requirements of theEcobonus 110 is to improve the energy performance of the building in at least two classesthe. To do this, it is necessary to propose both leading and follow-up interventions.

Consequently in our relationship we have to teach the initial class and the class to be reached at the end of the work in the condominium.

To do this, a document called a conventional EPA is prepared, which actually consists of two EPAs: the ante and the post-intervention. It is important to remember that both refer to the whole building and are calculated with the same services.

THERMOLOGY it helps us to quickly calculate the energy yield, thus obtaining a single energy plate for the entire condominium. In addition, the software presents in detail the performance of each individual real estate unit from which the value of the building is derived.

The design solution proposed in our example condo report goes far beyond the legal minimum required. In fact, we move from class D to class A1.

The checks of Law 10 and the Decree of Technical Requirements

Naturally, structures and systems at the end of the project must comply with all legal obligations. In the proposed example, the intervention is configured as a major second-level restructuring. Then we run with the THERMOLOG software the necessary checks for Ecobonus 110.


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In the last year Logical Soft has participated in the cycle of free events SUPERB 110% GOAL organized by ISNOVA in collaboration with ENEA, events attended by tens of thousands of construction professionals. In addition, it is organized every year 300 free online courses on the subjects Ecobonus, Sismabonus, professional remuneration and security in the place.

Logical Soft was selected by the Lombardy Region for the development of the CENED + 2.0 software calculation engine; has also been chosen by ENEA for the development of Safe School 4.0 and Condominium + 4.0 applications, applications that measure the energy consumption and seismic vulnerability of school buildings and condominiums.

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