The requests for the football field have been accepted, a big step backwards by the Sports Judge. Disqualifications from four and a half years have been reduced to a total of twelve days

A big step back for the regional sports judge, who last week had severely punished the football field, imposing general disqualifications for more than 4 and a half years after the events that took place in the play-off match played at the home of the Lugagnes. The Sports Court of Appeal has now done so accepted the complaint of the club of Piacenza, significantly reducing the stops to players and managers. Gavril Ciotu saw the disqualification reduced from two years to five days, Andrea Fantini from one year to four days, Alessandro Gaggioli from six months to three days, while executives Igor Delledonne and Mario Fantini went from an inhibition of six months to one of two months. until August 16. These are the official reasons


Adverse disqualification of players Ciotu Gavril until June 30, 2024, Fantini Andrea until June 30, 2023 and Gaggioli Alessandro until December 31, 2022; against the inhibition of the directors Mr. Delledonne Igor and Fantini Mario until December 31, 2022, as well as against a fine of 500.00 euros to be paid by the company.

The ASD Corte Calcio has challenged all the aforementioned disciplinary measures, according to the complainant, the Parma sports judge did not correctly apply the rules of the Code of Sports Justice as in the reasons for all the contested measures he erroneously referred to the Article 35 of the CGS although there has been no violent conduct by its members to the detriment of party officials and obviously there are no medical certificates proving the physical injuries suffered by them. Going into the detail of what their members have really achieved during the match in question, the company Corte Calcio assures that the directors Delledonne and Fantini would have simply disrespected the referee without ever having any physical contact with him; that also the footballer Ciotu Gavril would have maintained a strong protest and a certainly disrespectful behavior towards the referee aggravated by a slight physical contact without any harmful consequences for the director of the party; that both the players Fantini Andrea and Gaggioli Alessandro were limited to protesting against the referee’s decisions without ever having any physical contact with them; that, in the end, not even the financial sanction taken by the sports judge against the club would be justified as there would have been no violent act on the part of his fans.

For the reasons summarized above, the complainant requests that the conduct of its members be reinstated in the cases provided for and sanctioned by Article 36 CGS and that, therefore, be reformed in its entirety and adequately reduce the related sanctions approved by the trial judge. instance. The company Corte Calcio, which in addition to making a video of the party and requesting a copy of the official documents, had also asked to be heard, is present at today’s meeting represented by its lawyer, the lawyer Riccardo Benaglia; the president of the company is also present.

Lawyer Benaglia refers to the reasons given in the complaint and the conclusions that are specified in it, insisting in particular on the fact that none of the players and / or managers has used violence against the referee and that no one has entered into physical contact with the same and that the only player Ciotu Gavril has put his hands on the referee’s chest but without violence and without causing him pain. The complainant company insists that art. 36 of the Code of Sports Justice. He also insists that the Court examine a video of the events offered offered for viewing. In conclusion, the company calls for the reform of sanctions or at least a reduction of the same.

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