Teacher recruitment and training reform: stopping cross-curricular competitions, 60 credits for qualifications, prizes for more trained teachers DOWNLOAD TEXT

The commission approved the text of the PNNR, which contains a reform that involves the recruitment of teachers and their training that becomes continuous and “rewarded”. Finally, a maxi-amendment was passed to close some issues that some political forces had found to disagree. Now the text in the Senate for final approval

Note: The text will now have to go to the Senate for final approval. It cannot be ruled out that some of the topics listed in this article may be subject to change.

Hiring teachers

Change the form form in the entry and select i first and second year ESO teachers.

A qualifying course of 60 CFU managed by the Universities and activated according to the need for chairs, with a final exam that includes a written test and a simulated lesson.

When fully operational, it will be the only way for applicants to obtain the qualification.

The 24 CFUalready acquired by many aspirants included in GPS, they will not be lost. This is one of the novelties of the text

The deadline to acquire the 24 ECTS is October 31, 2022.

Enabling will allow you to access in teacher competitions for which the selection tests have been reformulated. Goodbye to cross-exams and back to open-ended questions. Learn more

Then the path to becoming a teacher becomes a master’s degree (triennial for ITP) + 60 CFU degree itinerary + competition + year of service test with final test and concluding evaluation.

Teachers already in possession of a degree or support specialization: how to obtain other degrees. ANNOUNCEMENTS ‘

Transition phase

Opportunity will be given until December 31, 2024 that the candidates in the teaching competitions have 30 ECTS or 24 (the latter acquired on 31 October 2022) and obtain the rest after having passed the competition for the chair. A transition phase before the new system is fully operational and will take effect between 2025 and 2026. Read more

Teachers with three years of service

Teachers with three school years of service even if it is not continuous, carried out within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition, in the five years prior to public schools assessed in accordance with article 11/14 of Law no. 124/99 (of course with the qualification of access to the competition class) participate in the competition. The next path will depend, as for the rest of the classmates, on whether or not they have a degree or 30 CFU or 24 CFU.

How the competitions will unfold

Annual, with open written test. Ranking by qualified and unqualified Read more

Paid training

The PNRR also establishes a system of teacher training in service parallel to that provided for by the Renzi reform and which also includes the possibility of rewarding teachers. Participation will be voluntary and those who successfully pass a three-year course will be able to receive a cash prize.

To this end, a higher education school will be established with the aim of providing guidelines for the activation of reward courses for teachers. To finance the school, it was initially planned to cut the teacher’s letter, which was avoided in the reformulation of the text, at least until 2024.

Prizes for teachers will be awarded by the evaluation committee of the centers and based on the available annual resources.

No cuts to organic

Incentive training is financed not by cutting the chairs of reinforced personnel but by adjusting the autonomy staff. Learn more.

Other measures

The text of the maxi-amendment also provides for the following provisions:

  • exemptions for collaborators of school principals for Regency centers Read more
  • scrolling through the rankings of candidates suitable for secondary school teacher competitions Read more
  • stop cutting the role of the teacher, but until 2024,
  • contest reserved for teachers of precarious religion Read more
  • extraordinary procedure for hiring support teachers
  • Admission qualifications A26 Mathematics and A28 Mathematics and Science will be integrated on July 31 Read more
  • Qualified teachers with three years of service in support have direct access to TFA support Read more


We are awaiting final approval for the conversion into law of the decree law of April 30, 2022, n. 36, containing “more urgent measures for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)” before June 29 to prevent it from decaying.

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