Qatar takes advantage of FIFA World Cup platform to publicize One Tide plastic reduction strategies

To celebrate this year’s World Environment Day, the Supreme Committee on Delivery and Heritage (SC) organized a series of seminars to raise awareness about plastic reduction strategies.

The workshops were held during the One Tide Week campaign, which ran from May 29 to June 4. Organized by SC and Seven Clean Seas as part of the One Tide program, the workshops have provided local organizations with tools and strategies to deal with plastic waste, which costs the global economy about $ 80 billion a year.

In addition to the workshops, the campaign included a roundtable discussion on future policy recommendations to address plastic pollution in Qatar, with a particular focus on sectors of the country that directly support the holding of the FIFA World Cup. . Attendees also learned of SC’s efforts to reduce plastic consumption during major tournaments, including the FIFA Arabian Cup ™, which was held in November and December last year.

Eng. Bodour Al Meer, SC’s director of sustainability, said: “We are committed to using the FIFA World Cup platform to raise awareness of important environmental issues and promote action between people and businesses. Campaigns like One Tide “We help focus on important issues such as plastic waste and promote ways to reduce plastic pollution. With specific strategies and concerted efforts, we can all do our part to help the environment.”

Majed Al Mansoori, SC Sustainability Specialist, said: “Our goal is to leave a sustainable legacy long after the FIFA World Cup. Increase the amount of plastic recycling and avoid disposable plastics. it will help us achieve our goals and seminars such as those held during One Tide Week will bring us closer to our goals. “

During the workshops, strategies have been shared to make meetings, conferences and festivals more environmentally friendly, while attendees also talked about how to reduce the number of merchandise products made of plastic.

“One Tide was effectively created as a meeting point for all the major sustainability initiatives taking place here in Qatar,” said Tom Peacock-Nazil, founder and CEO of Seven Clean Seas. “The main goal of One Tide Week was to bring everyone together and provide more knowledge and information to really help drive the sustainability movement.”

Attendees at the seminar appreciated the opportunity to learn and collaborate on the topic of plastic waste and how it can benefit the companies and organizations they represent. “We are very pleased to have seminars like these in Qatar,” said Nasser Al Khalaf, CEO of Qatar-based food company Agrico. “Our goal is to transform Qatar into a greener country, so these seminars are a great opportunity to meet industry experts and get to know recycling companies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to network.”

One Tide will continue to inform and engage Qatari individuals and businesses throughout 2022 as the country prepares to host the first FIFA World Cup ™ in the Middle East and the Arab world. The program will provide regular updates on social media about plastics reduction projects and explain the damage that plastic waste is causing to the world’s oceans and marine life.

Manos Staramopoulos

Journalist – Football and International Affairs Analyst

Member of the AIPS football committee and the IFFHS World Statistics Federation

Correspondent: France Football, A Bola,, Mundo Deportivo,

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