Purina Celebrates “World Office Dog Day”

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AgenPress. “Together is better”: Purina’s creed that expresses the conviction for which when pets and loved ones stay together, life gets richerreaches its maximum expression with the Pets at Work initiativethatas every yearthe June 24, World Office Day at the Office. An opportunity to help your employees get the most out of their pet relationship, but also to support external realities to follow a similar path and create pet-friendly work environments.

Also this year, Pets At Work is renewed in Purina and expanded to other realities that are part of the Pets At Work Alliance.

– Announcements –

As can be seen from the fifteenth edition of the Assalco – Zoomark Report, the role of pets has changed a lot in the last fifteen years, with a growing consideration of pets as full members of the family (for 96% of the sample interviewed, also by virtue of the greater possibility of spending more time together, not only at home during the last months of confinement but also now away from home, thanks to public places that allow more and more pets .

It is also known to what extent the pandemic has given a new acceleration to change, favoring on the one hand the increase in the ownership of dogs and cats in the last two years, and on the other hand the greater evolution of the relationship with pets, fueling the desire to be able to continue living their relationship fully even in the “new normal” and away from home.

Consequently, these elements have led companies to pay more attention to the review of employee welfare services in light of these new needs, to allow pet owners to live the human-animal relationship even in their own workspaces. In fact, there are many benefits that living with animals can bring to people’s lives, but also to organizations in general: in offices that accept pets, people are more involved, focused and productive, they show greater motivation. and more attention when setting goals. . They are also superior satisfaction in the management of work at home (+ 14.9%), quality of life (+ 16.9%) and satisfaction with the professional career (+ 13.1%).

– Announcements –

Purina, who has been developing a specific project for years to encourage dog owners and allow them to take their pets to the office, in the face of this new normalcy, has renewed its commitment not only to support its employees with initiatives such as “patents” for dog owners, but also to help interested companies take a similar path. In fact, the company makes available its experience and knowledge in this field to support other companies in creating a favorable working environment for pets, inviting them to officially join the Pets At Work Alliance and offering them all the knowledge necessary to welcome dogs in the office with the total safety of animals and people present at work.

In fact, Purina’s offices in Italy have been accepting pets since 2014, and thanks to the Pets At Work program, all employees at the Assago, Castiglione delle Stiviere and Portogruaro plants can work side by side with their dog on a daily basis. more relaxed and collaborative work environment. Starting in 2017, Purina launched Pets At Work Alliance and made available a set of tools that shares the first steps to make your offices more pet-friendly and more specific for pets. individual entities involved.

More and more companies have decided join the Pets At Work Alliance, implementing the Purina Pets At Work policy and credo. And in 2022, with the recent entry of Boehringer Ingelheim, yes 10 Italian companies and more than 200 at European level count in the Alliance.

“I am very pleased with the evolution that many companies are experiencing, enriching business well-being with services and practices that pets accept: a transformation in which we can contribute our experience and the Pets At Work program, fulfilling our mission and social responsibility to enrich the lives of pets and their loved ones ” he commented Rafael López, Purina Italy and Southern Europe Regional Director. “Pets At Work was one of the first services to be restored in the office as soon as Covid’s restrictions allowed it and the increase in energy that pets bring to the office is palpable. who was surprised by the number of requests we received in this “new normal” of external realities to support them in embarking on a similar path of transformation of offices into a reality that accepts pets. We hope to continue to help reality more and more, thus contributing a world in which the human-pet relationship is truly a hallmark capable of creating shared value. “

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