Porsche Taycan Gts Sport Turismo: brilliant trips

Practicing as a family member, satisfying as an athlete. Sport Turismo is the Taycan configuration that fully meets the demands of space on board and driving pleasure, perfectly balanced in the Gts version. Prices from 138,207 euros

Tommaso Marcoli

– Porto Cervo (Sardinia)

It is probably no coincidence that of all the versions of Taycan, GTS was the last to be made available to the public. Because the acronym, for Porsche, represents the maximum compromise between usability and performance. In a word: equilibrium. Keeping this view, we can understand why GTS (almost) are always the last: they summarize the experience of all other models, like an artist who experiences his own vision and then (re) produces condensed into a single work . . This explains why GTSs are the last to show up. They need more time. The price of the Taycan Sport Turismo Gts starts at 138,207 euros.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Gts: How It Is Made

It stands out from the sedan and the Cross Turismo for an aspect that is close to the idea of ​​a more “classic” family. Of course: the square and abundant forms that for decades have interpreted the travel and displacement needs of millions of families, are now being overcome by very different proposals. Today (especially in the luxury segment) brands tend to offer more sophisticated and almost sporty lines because they are closer to the idea of ​​a sedan from which they differ exclusively by the truncated tail with tailgate and the large trunk volume. On the other hand, the SUV of the current generation of motorcyclists represents the vehicle par excellence, with the rest of the body configurations that can experience more freely applications of style, content and performance. Taycan Sport Tourism Tea a decidedly sharp look and slender, which from the first glance returns sensations of dynamism and speed. Much of the detail is identical to the rest of Taycan’s offering, with the side cut hiding different proportions but actually identical to the sedan. Of course, the tail has made it possible to obtain a space in height for the rear passengers of more than 45 mm, for the benefit of the comfort on board; the trunk also has a minimum capacity of 446 liters with raised seats. The range of contents remains the same as in the Taycan range, with the entertainment system screen inside the vehicle in the center and the fully digital dashboard slightly curved at the ends. Even the air conditioning control has a dedicated panel, although the option to maintain and integrate physical buttons exclusively for this operation would have improved the ergonomics of use. The feeling of luxury and exclusivity, however, has been preserved.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Gts: how are you

The power unit that equips the Taycan Sport Turismo is composed of a double electric motor for a system power that reaches 517 hp for 750 Nm of maximum torque. The structure is powered by a 93.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. The benefits, taking into account the data sheet, are remarkable: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and top speed limited to 250 km / h. These are numbers that give a better idea of ​​the balance that the GTS project has achieved. At the wheel, one cannot help but be amazed at the amount of Taycan surprisingly satisfactory. Surprising because the weight, dimensions and (in this case) bodywork configuration would suggest compromised dynamics or at least filtered and simulated by invasive and overly present electronics. Not so: technical tuning and mechanical strength reach the benchmark of electric cars. Taycan is the ultimate expression of pleasure and involvement in the electrical conduction available today. The steering is precise, direct and responds very well to any stimulus from the rider: the solidity of the frame allows, then, to reach a very high mileage when turning without losing stability. Driving on panoramic roads but narrow and fast, you can appreciate the always composed behavior despite the instant delivery of torque and the large amount of power available. This is also due to the torque vectoring system that distributes the torque to the individual wheels as needed. Traction is all-wheel drive. The braking is strong, safe and powerful. Among the equipment available are the tireless carbon-ceramic brakes. In terms of autonomy, the approved data speak for themselves 490 km (Wltp cycle). The same goes for any electric: driving style and conditions can inevitably add or subtract more than a few miles. During the driving experience, they traveled a hundred kilometers from the coast to the interior of Sardinia, with an average recorded consumption of 21.4 kWh / 100 km. In general, you have the feeling of having an exceptional power reserve but without the excesses of the Turbo and Turbo S, with a range of use more than satisfactory even for medium and long range, given the possibility of recharging up to 270 kW. The balance, in fact.


I like: weight and dimensions do not constitute a limit for dynamic performance and driving involvement; the performances are exceptional without being too “violent”; autonomy seems to be able to settle on more positive values.

I do not like it: the artificial sound of the motor through the audio system does not do justice to the electrical project,

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Gts: technical sheet

Engines: two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors; combined maximum power 380 kW / 517 hp, 440 kW / 598 hp overboost with active Launch Control; maximum torque 750 Nm, 850 Nm with launch control.

Pila: capacity 93.4 kWh, combined range Wltp 424-490 km, urban range Wltp 524-616 km. Charging time: 9 hours on AC at 11 kW, 93 minutes from 5 to 80% on DC at 50 kW. Maximum load power 270 kW.

Transmission: two-speed rear axle, single-speed front axle. Electric all-wheel drive.

Performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, 0-200 in 12 seconds, top speed electronically limited to 250 km / h.

Consumption: 21-24.1 kWh / 100 km combined cycle Wltp.

Dimensions: length 4,963 mm, width 1,966 mm (2,144 mm including mirrors), height 1,391 mm, wheelbase 2,900 mm. Track width: 1,702 mm front, 1,667 mm rear. Trunk volume 446-1,212 l rear, 84 l front. Empty weight 2,310 kg Din, 2,385 kg I (driver included).

Price: from 138,207 euros turnkey

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