Not to mention who is in the aquarium

Ooriginal, independent and dreamy, those born under the sign of Aquarius have a great need for freedom and do not like to be told what to do or what not to do.

Charming and extravagant in their own way, those born under the sign of Aquarius are much loved above all for their gifts of honesty and wisdom.

Extremely independent and free, they are never afraid to comment on the facts of life, but above all they can hardly bear to receive orders: for these reasons these are the things you should never say to people in Aquarius.

I hate to travel

Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to move, travel and are always thirsty to know new things. Independent and free, Aquarius is a person eccentric and lush who never likes to stand still and uses what is in front of him to turn it into fun and happiness, for himself and for others.

Those born under this sign have passion The trips, for the adventure and for everything that is exotic and different. For them, the pleasure of discovering when they travel is something really important and indispensable.

For all this, among the things not to say absolutely if you are in front of a Aquarius there is the phrase: “I hate to travel” in fact, we must keep in mind that attending an Aquarius is synonymous with adventure and improvisation. Remember, every day with him or her will be different from the other because you never know what to expect but, we are sure, what will surprise you most is his naturalness and spontaneity.

Keep your feet on the ground

A typical feature of the Aquarium is the fact that they are thick lost in thoughts. In fact, these people tend to get easily carried away by their thoughts, their uncertainties, or just theirs fantasies. Some find it hard to get back to earth because they are too busy thinking about how to make their dreams, plans and resolutions come true.

That’s why among the things that aquariums never want to hear is the phrase, “Keep your feet on the ground” because its dimension, let’s remember, is that ofair. Your thoughts are never superficial and you need your time and space to find inspiration and new ideas. With their head “in the air”, Aquarius are still the most spontaneous and expansive people in the zodiac and for these reasons they are really a company. nice and reassuring.

I decide for you too

If there is one thing that those born under this sign cannot digest it is that it is limited to them freedom. In fact, there is nothing that matters more to him than his independence.

Revolutionary and always at the forefront, Aquarius has a truly projected mind in the future. This is why he does not support anyone who restricts his field of vision or minimizes his freedom of action. Oh, let me tell you, “I decide for you too!”

And this is also the reason why in a love affair, Aquarius are not afraid to commit as long as the couple allows it. that pinch of independence They need it. An Aquarius cares a lot about his freedom but, it must be said, he knows how to respect the spaces of his loved one, without holding back the ambitions and desires of the other.

You are lying

Among the great qualities of Aquarius is the fact that they are very people honest and faithful. For them, loyalty plays a very important role and they will hardly give up that value.

For this reason, Aquarians do not tolerate anyone telling them lies or hiding anything from them. But even worse, they just can’t stand being accused of forgery. Never question the sincerity of an Aquarius or tell him that he is lying, he will hardly be able to forgive you!

Aquarius, in fact, is incapable of lying and for them hypocrisy is a great defect: an Aquarius rather than a lie, will remain silent. However, this means that establishing a relationship with an Aquarius means having someone who is absolutely transparent by your side … for better or for worse. bad luck.

Friendship is not important

Even when in pairs, the Aquarians hold on very friendly and they never question the value of their relationships. Those who are born aquariums will never stop going out with their friends just because they started one love story and your partner will ask for respect for the spaces, but also and especially for your people and friends.

They are gods excellent listeners and they know how to dispense good advice: always willing to lend a hand to those they love, instead of losing a friendship they are also willing to overlook a bad suffering.

On the other hand, those born under the sign of Aquarius are always surrounded by friends and in good company thanks to their exuberance, curiosity and desire to do. Always looking for new stimuli and interests, Aquarius wants to build, invent, discover. He never stops and, calm down, with someone who is not Aquarius you get bored really never!

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