Nfl, Gronkowski says enough for the second time: “I gave it my all”

At 33, the four-time Super Bowl winner announces his retirement after two super seasons in Tampa

Rob Gronkowski is retiring. The best closed end in NFL history says a second is enough. He had already done so in 2019, to heal the scars of many sporting battles after his glory years in the New England Patriots. This time he is leaving after two great seasons playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It should be the final one, she is 33 years old. But with him you never say never. Histrionic, unpredictable and a good friend of Tom Brady, the only quarterback of his career. Who knows if he won’t get a (more) call during the season, and that Gronk doesn’t feel like facing at least one shortened season, as his agent didn’t rule out, compared to the total of 8 months of football, too physically and mentally demanding with him now.

Surprise stop

In Tampa they were confident. They had given him his time, his space. Convinced that he only wanted to skip the summer workouts, exhausting for those who had already played 11 seasons in the NFL accumulating serious injuries, thanks to his fierce style of play, Incredible Hulk, always looking for contact, sweeping the defenders with their power. Brady had retired for a month and then retraced his steps. In Florida they thought it was enough to see Gronk on the grid again for one last season. Undoubtedly, the Ships in the 2022 Draft have selected two tight ends, Cade Otton of Washington in the fourth round and Ko Kieft of the sixth in Minnesota. But they were more focused on the medium / long term than the immediate. The champion franchise with Brady and Gronk two seasons ago had left a salary margin to re-sign his phenomenon, experienced but not yet shining in terms of performance. Instead, Gronk’s statement arrived. “I retire again, I leave football with my head held high, knowing that I have given everything I have, for better or for worse, every time I step on the pitch. The friendship and relationships I have developed will last forever, and I am grateful to my teammates and coaches for giving me all the same. ”

The numbers

They are sensational. 4 times Super Bowl winner, first place. Three with the Ducks, one with the Ships. He was a team player, also willing to work hard as a blocker to win, sacrificing his numbers. However, they are still sumptuous, perhaps incomparable. 621 passes received, for 9286 yards and 92 career touchdowns in the regular season. But it’s the playoff numbers that make you roll your eyes: 98 shots for 1398 yards, 15 touchdowns. The 15 goals of the postseason are the only ones behind Jerry Rice in the history of the match. And Rice was the best receiver in history, not a tight end. Gronkowski folded to the maximum: in 2021 802 yards of tricks in just 12 games and 6 touchdowns. His best season, for statistical efficiency, since 2007. It was not enough to convince him to continue. A character who loves the holidays, knows how to enjoy life, but who has managed to be an exemplary professional during the football seasons, did not want to focus again on the 360-degree oval ball. Without him, the Bucs ’chances of winning the 2023 Super Bowl fall instantly, but the Bucs remain legitimate contenders for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Never say never

Tampa CEO Jason Licht thanked Gronk: his arrival) has helped establish a winning franchise culture. “But maybe it’s not there. Gronk’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told Espn,” Brady … “And then, who knows …

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