My mother’s sister threw acid at my face, listening to the scars of girls with scars in Naples

A prison has been set up for the 19-year-old accused of scarring her granddaughters in Naples. One of the victims in the chat: “My mother’s sister threw acid in my face”

The place of the injury (photo by Gaia Martignetti /

My mother’s sister threw acid at my face and head because she wanted to hit me“.”And why?“.”Because I hit her at the pizzeriaFragments of conversations, acquired by the researchers, which played a crucial role in the investigation of the case. two sisters with acid scars in Naples. According to WhatsApp, she is one of the victims, a 23-year-old woman who, while talking to another relative, also shows her photographs with burn marks. It all ended with the order in which Naples investigating judge Saverio Vertuccio did not validate the arrest but ordered the precautionary measure in prison for a 19-year-old sister of the victims’ mother, who is now in Pozzuoli Women’s Prison. .

The judge, referring to the suspect, defines it as “Extraordinary and ingrained propensity to solve any problem by resorting to unprecedented forms of violence“The arrest was not validated due to the lack of danger of escape, as the girl spontaneously went to the police station once she learned that the police were following her, but the precautionary measure was issued due to the seriousness of the raid, defined as a real punitive expedition, “moved by the immovable goal of disfiguring them, permanently depriving them of any legitimate aesthetic habit.The house arrest was also ruled out: he was sentenced to prison. The lawyer Bernardo Scarfo ‘, a lawyer for the 19-year-old, announced an appeal to the Review.

Sisters with acid scars in Naples

The attack dates back to 1 a.m. last Monday. The two, aged 23 and 17, told investigators they left home around midnight to meet a boy from another neighborhood they had met at TikTok. As they stood near a tobacconist’s shop on Corso Amedeo di Savoia, they noticed three scooters on the other side of the road: in one there were three girls, in the other 2 girls and in the third two boys. very young. One of the girls got off a scooter and approached quickly, so the 23-year-old told her sister to continue and the two had taken Amedeo di Savoia Street in the direction of Capodimonte.

Sister marked by acid, mother: “I’m still in shock”

The girls on the scooters, however, had been chased, crashed, and one of them had thrown the acid; the two sisters were hit especially in the face, but splashes of corrosive liquid reached them all over their bodies. They then called for help and shortly afterwards a patrol of the San Carlo Arena police station was stopped. The girls told police, first at the scene and then at the hospital, that they did not recognize the people who assaulted them and that they had not fought with anyone.

Two frames of videos posted on TikTok

Two frames of videos posted on TikTok

Auntie stopped, “Chased us and threw us acid”

The investigations, coordinated by the weak prosecution group of the Naples Prosecutor’s Office, are entrusted to the Flying Squadron. In the afternoon of the same day, the sisters were heard at the police station and both indicated their aunt, who will be arrested the next day, as one of the participants in the attack. Specifically, the 17-year-old said that her mother’s sister, who got off the scooter with a white helmet in her hands, had chased them first on foot and then with the other vehicle, and after dropping them on the ground, he threw acid at them. Statement also confirmed by the 23-year-old, who initially did not mention names but eventually reported the same version of her sister. More comments came from the WhatsApp conversation, in which the 23-year-old explicitly indicates the 19-year-old, also mentioning her name.

The reasons for the hatred are to be found in old grudges arising from the guilt of the grandfather and another of the daughters, the sister of the suspect and the mother of the victims. Since then, about 6 years ago, relationships had come to a complete standstill and had been increasingly violent disagreements between the two families, often explicit in video on TikTok in which the grandfather and the other daughter allude to the extramarital affairs of the sisters’ mother and also insult them.

A final episode took place last New Year’s Eve, when the two families met in front of a pizzeria in the Materdei neighborhood and the 23-year-old girl and her aunt came into their hands. This is what the young woman is talking about on WhatsApp. saying the acid attack would be retaliation for that previous struggle. The conflict between the two families would also include the fire of the Smart used by the mother of the two sisters, burned on the night of May 11, although at the moment it has not been determined who was responsible for it. .

Aunt’s defense: “My nieces had acid”

Diametrically opposed is the version provided by the 19-year-old, according to which the acid, a powerful spring pipe, would be carried by the two sisters, who, like their mother, would have been in the habit of carrying a bottle of corrosive liquid in their bags. The girl, also framed by surveillance cameras, admitted to taking part in the raid, but he said he just wanted to hit them with his helmet and that the two granddaughters allegedly hurt each other with acid while fighting over the bottle to throw it away.

The researchers, however, found it in his statements several points that have been denied by the research and the video acquired. First of all, the woman said that at that time she was only with a friend, denying that other people were there. In addition, during interrogation, he stated that the two sisters had stopped and were fighting to decide who should throw the acid; later, when the prosecutor showed him the pictures, he acknowledged that he had stopped and dropped his granddaughters. Finally, discrepancies were also found in the path that the 19-year-old said she had taken that night and in the fact that, according to her story, she had chased her sisters on foot after hearing the insults directed at her, a circumstance not considered credible by investigators, as it was about seventy meters away.

[La Smart incendiata. Foto Gaia Martignetti/]

[La Smart incendiata. Foto Gaia Martignetti/]

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