Maturity 2022, the state exam begins with the first test: 96.2% of the admitted candidates. And after the pandemic, the writings return

In all 13,703 exam boards, 27,319 classes involved and more 500,000 students: Maturity begins today, returning to the pre-covid era with only recommended masks. The commissions are chaired by an external chair at the center and are made up of internal commissioners. The exam session starts at 8.30, with the first attempt written in Italian, prepared nationally. It will be possible to do this in six hours, using Italian vocabulary. According to the first data released by the Ministry of Education, he was admitted on the day 96.2% of candidates. The best are students from Veneto, with 97.2% of those admitted. On the other hand, the Sardinian boys were worse than all: only 91.7% were admitted to the tests that will start tomorrow.

THE TESTS – After the topic, the same for all institutes, the June 23 will be the day of the second written test, different for each address. This will be one of the disciplines that characterize the course of study. This year it will be developed by individual schools, which will be able to take into account what children actually do during the year, also taking into account the pandemic emergency. The full professors of the subjects chosen by the ministry were called to prepare three topics before June 22, based on the information contained in the documents of May 15 of all classes involved. It will be decided which track to let the students play lucky draw, which will take place on the day of the second test. The duration of the latter varies according to the address. This is the breakdown of the 522,873 internal candidates (to which must be added more than 16,000 external candidates), divided by type of training: 262,327 in secondary schools, 167,718 in technical institutes, 92,828 in vocational institutes.

COVID – The 2022 high school exam sees the requirement to wear a mask: it just arrives certified mailespecially when the interpersonal distancing. During the oral examination – which will normally be without a mask to allow better communication between the candidate and the committee – the presence of listeners in a number that allows “an interpersonal distance of at least one meter.” It is recommended to respect this distance, unless the structural-logistical conditions of the buildings do not allow it, and the ban on access to the school grounds in case of a positive for Covid-19 or if there are respiratory symptoms and body temperature above 37., 5th. . The measures were indicated by the head of the human resources and financial department of the Ministry of Education, Jacopo Grecoand is disseminated to schools for conducting state examinations following decisions taken in the Council of Ministers and the ordinance signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. With regard to sanitation and cleaning measures, disinfectants will be made available at various points in the school building and, in particular, at the entrance to the premises where the examinations will be carried out. Finally, in some cases, specified by the relevant ordinances, the oral test and the work of the committee and subcommittees are allowed, albeit remotely, by videoconference: it is expected that only for the interview, in fact, there have the possibility of video conferencing for candidates who are unable to leave their home, a condition which, in any case, will be documented. The ordinance of the councilor in fact explains that the written tests must necessarily be done in person while the oral ones can be in videoconference. For the sick, the first complementary written test will take place on Wednesday 6 July from 8.30 am; the second additional written test takes place on Thursday, July 7, with possible continuity in the following days for the addresses in which it is done for several days. The tests, in the planned cases, continue in the following days, with the exception of Saturday: in this case they continue the following Monday.

SURVEYS – interrogated about 1,500 undergraduate students: this is what emerges from the data they collected for the State Police. More than 1 in 4 students plan to stay up late the night before graduation to check for updates and rumors about exam tracks. Almost 1 in 10 maturations – more precisely 8% – are convinced that traces of Italian writing, the subject of the first test, can be found in its entirety even before the start of the test. To this 8% must be added another quarter (26%) who believe that they will find in advance at least the topics on which the tests will focus. And 1 in 5 students is currently preparing to copy in case of difficulty. Among them, more than 60% do so mainly to feel at ease, while all the others are sure that they will have to resort to notes, papers and the like. The most feared test and the secondthe paper on the subject that characterizes the field of study: scares 3 out of 4 graduates.

NOZZLE? – You can be rejected in Maturity, but it is a lot this rarely happens. Just a year ago, the students who failed the exam were fair 0.2%. And it wasn’t because there was no written evidence of the pandemic. In previous years, always rebuilds, the rejected were 0.3% of those admitted in 2019, 0.4% in 2018 and 0.5% in 2017. It has not always been so: about fifteen years ago the figures more or less quadrupled. : on the occasion of obtaining the baccalaureate in 2007, for example, those rejected were 2.1% of the total admitted. Among other things, precisely in those years, the exam was modified by introducing the possibility of not being admitted to the Termini when the Berlinguer reform, which came into force in 1999, did not provide for any kind of barrier.

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