Maserati MC20 Sky, elegance and sport (for an outdoor trip)

On the one hand, the performance without concession Neptune enginea V6 biturbo gasoline engine with technology derived from the Formula 1to the other the immersive experience through the retractable roof electrochromic glasswhich brings an unprecedented novelty to passengers feeling of heaven. The curtain rises Maserati MC20 Cielouncovered version of the super sports car of the Trident. Although, when you look closely, we simply talk about convertible variant seems reductive.

The clean lines of MC20, in fact, in the new spyder they open and become one with the clouds and the stars. Thanks to the high-tech roof, which provides different levels of contact with the outside – that’s enough 12 seconds to discover and enjoy the wind in your hair. But you can also travel covered and take advantage PDLC technology (Scattered liquid crystal of polymers) which is modified by a touch command the transparency of the glasscoming to completely obscure it.

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One touch is enough, therefore, pr awaken the senses and immerse yourself in some kind of holistic dimension: a travel idea Outdoor also explained by the launch color, Aquamarineavailable within the customization program Maserati Fuoriserie. The three-layer paint has a gray base racing inspiration, a little iridescent aquamarine, a fresh, bright hue that interacts with light and it is revealed in an iridescent way.

And nothing comes of it coupe performance: just like its twin, MC20 Cielo is too essentiality in its pure state e aerodynamics refined, studied in the wind tunnel. Everything is functional, starting with butterfly doors which open like two wings and facilitate the entry / exit of the car. Under the hood, of course, there are the patented Maserati heartcapable of triggering 630 horsepower in 3000 cc (exceeds 320 km / h and sprints from 0 to 100 in 3 “).

Among the differences from the classic MC20, stand out the back extensively redesigned (which in no way affects the size), the queue behind the doorsthe descending crystal that becomes when the car is uncovered an adjustable screen (and protects the cockpit from air vortices), the design of the engine cover (with the fins rising and shaping the profile) e the reinforced shell (no roof, requires more torsional rigidity).

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But where is the trident spider born? Nello historic factory in Viale Ciro Menotti, in Modena, recently modernized with new ones production facilitiesengine assembly areas and the new department painting specific for the new Maserati MC20. We went to see for ourselves how the car comes to life, with the first stop In the warehouse: password is just in time that is, they arrive just the pieces you need (from more than 166 suppliers, 80% Italian).

On the first shed there are 22 assembly stations, with the car moving from one to the other for AGVthis is a Automated Guided Vehiclesort of mobile support which allows goods to be moved to factories. The assembly it is done completely by handThere are only 3 semi-automatic robots anthropomorphic: two are used for the painting of the body and one of extension with extreme precision the tail on the windshield and rear window.

Then he takes the car in the test areawhere it alternates between the different banks (roller, vibrating, by convergence …), with final water test in which it is surrounded by the jets of water that occur waterproof insulation of the cockpit. Then, carefully wrapped, it passes to road test (runs on the provincial roads of Modena, not on the track). He finally enters paintinga process that is being carried out for the first time in the Viale Ciro Menotti factory.

In short, at Maserati for over 85 years you breathe the heritage of the Trident but at the same time a strong push towards future and innovation: a magical place, where the digitization intertwines and merges with crafts.

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