Luca Lagash by Marlene Kuntz makes us ride with ten songs

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Mountain bike, electric bike, traditional bike. It doesn’t matter what your favorite medium is. Incorrect answers, in this case, do not exist. It’s like music, for everyone their genre. Or as for the itineraries of the Val di Sole, designed for all needs. All in all, enjoy the route to the fullest. How? With the most appropriate piece in the context, of course. The musical proposals are from Luca Lagashborn Luca Saporiti, current bassist of Marlene Kuntz He grew up with the award-winning La Crus, known in 1994 during the London period and the first record production experiences with Mike Barnett’s Beyond Records. The musician, who now collaborates as a Soundscaper and Live Performer with Video Artists and Directors such as Masbedo, Claudio Sinatti, Thorsten Fleisch, Michal Kosakowski, Polynoid, JumpCut, and artistic co-productions of Festivals and Special Editions, has selected the songs. We have associated them with the most suitable itineraries. A game, based on instinct and emotions, that can perhaps inspire your musical choices on two-wheeled excursions. Pedal, therefore. And good listening, of course.


Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds, the program

Sleaford Mods with Amy Taylor – Do it

“I went out to enjoy this carefree abandonment.” As if to say: get in the chair and let go, as you go down, when instinct and control come together to give life to the dance. Dance between stones and roots, of course. Because it offers the demanding Trail Folgarida route N ° 712: almost 12 kilometers of a unique route from Rifugio Solander to Daolasa through the forest, the ski slopes and the town center. Difficult, yes, but able to offer safe fun to the more experienced.

Beck – Colours

“The colors, all the colors, look at them, feel them,” he says. They’re in your eyes, everyone, look at them, hear them, tell me, “Do you feel love?” Feelings in a broad sense, of course, like those that only the places of the heart can return.An example? The fir forests of the Val di Sole that extend to the foot of the southern slope of Mount Peller. eponymous No. 706 is waiting for you for an original experience like indie music.

Mass attack Paradise Circus

“Look at her, with her eyes that look like a flame. She’ll love you like a fly, she’ll never love you again. “Sure, right? No, but what does it matter? Among these, we are convinced, the Secular Larch Trail No. 703 -three and a half hours of duration planned for a distance of 21.6 kilometers- will not disappoint expectations, A panoramic and suggestive path to live even before being understood.

Viagra Boys – It’s not nice

“No, it’s not nice, just nothing, it’s really nothing.” Calm down, we quote in an ironic tone, in a deliberately paradoxical sense. With its 57 kilometers of descent and small ascents on stretches of land, sometimes technical, and pleasant trails, the Caprioli Lake Tour N ° 709 takes you from Malé to the mountains of Vigo and then to the valley through unique natural views. and exciting routes. Not bad, right? Not at all.

Marlene Kuntz – The escape

“Boom inside me in my lost disappearance inside me. Wind, wrap me up again. I see the city down there, my thoughts struggling, the problems of humanity.” An experience, a vision, in fact: a catharsis. And forgive us the obvious reference to the Cuneo band’s debut album, released almost twenty years later, the proposed piece is destined to take you on a journey of effort and meditation, with all the well-being it entails. on average, the Tour Val di Pejo stretches for twenty kilometers through the Stelvio National Park between meadows, fir trees and old iron mines.

Kendrick Lamar – Well

“Tell everyone it’s too late, I know. Guys, girls, I think I’m going crazy. Every day I drown in my vices, please don’t listen to me.” Compton, California rapper’s stylistics may even leave you perplexed (“It’s more prose than poetry,” a Crotone poet would have said, but his music is still a masterpiece of originality. the west coast that conquers the most anarchic and reckless souls, yes, in short, people of Black Snake, the legendary path of the Bike Park Val di Sole for the most experienced, for those who can, an unmissable appointment.

A tribe called Quest – Check the rhyme

“I am like a drummer, as you can see, I resist for a long time. My people never get tired, because we are strong ”. If you love the pure sound of yesteryear -1991 in this case- and are looking for motivation in the poetry of the boys of Queens, this historical theme – a true piece of worship among lovers of the hip hop genre – is your perfect column for to the most strenuous and rewarding companies. Among these, of course, the Epic Tour Grande Guerra with its 59 kilometers in length, with an expected duration of approximately 8 hours, assumes a position of absolute importance. The spectacular and challenging route, which reaches an altitude of 2,613 m, is partly included in the Stelvio National Park and allows you to enjoy the most varied and spectacular natural landscapes: from the exceptional views over the ice of the Presanella and the peak of San Matteo, in the wide views of the Val di Sole and the Val di Peio, from dense and wild forests to meadows scattered with characteristic alpine buildings or ruins and historical testimonies dating back to the First World War. Recommended for experienced and trained cyclists.

Daft Punk – Around the world

“Around the world, around the world.” Repeat with us, once again, and it is immediately joy, entertainment and joy. As a great success of the Belle Époque – because it was the 90s – which means joy and a clear mind. No need to talk about fatigue, this is not the case. Because this old success of the legendary duet from beyond the Alps is much better suited to a real outing. Stretching from Mostizzolo to Pejo and Vermiglio, with a length of 35 km, the Val di Sole cycle path leads you to a deep dive in nature along a pleasant flat path. For families, for children, for less competitive cyclists. In short, for everyone. Like dance music.

Ms – Winter sports weather in Sciccherie

“You’re the one I think of when I think about it after a nightmare and when I wake up I have a heart ball I hug my pillow. And here you are.” A little dream, a little obsession. A bit of strong emotions, like an exciting descent into the country. It is difficult, especially for the youngest, to think of a more suitable route to tackle a road that is not too difficult but certainly intense, such as the Tour Malè, which is almost 45 kilometers long and lasts three and a half hours. The panoramic landscapes are very suggestive. Unforgettable, as has been said, the final stretch (I would eliminate it).

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Skeleton tree

“Sunday morning, skeleton tree. Nothing is free. Maybe you can see a candle in the window, dead leaves thrown into the sky, the flicker of a bright TV, white as fire. “Poetry but above all soul. The lines and melodies of the Australian band evoke dreamlike atmospheres like a waking dream. Relaxed muscles, pure surrender Translated: the route through the alpine pasture of Val di Peio, one of the best mountain bike routes in Val di Sole, ascent along a paved secondary road, ascent along a dirt road and 10 km on track The spectacular view of the Ortles Cevedale and Adamello Presanella mountains, the notes accompany you in an ideal final scene, a bit like in the movies, a bit like unforgettable evenings. early on, you know, the “slow” always comes in. And sometimes it’s already morning

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