Italian football is full of weird market deals, just look at Transfermarkt

POSTA NAPOLISTA – If the goal is to reduce the opacity and eliminate any irregularities, there is certainly no shortage of work in the mother magnum of the transfer market

The news soon spread to all major national newspapers (sports and not): Aurelio De Laurentiis, his wife Jacqueline Baudit, sons Edoardo and Valentina and the faithful Andrea Chiavelli (ie all members of the board of directors of the blue company), were entered by the Naples Prosecutor’s Office in the register of suspects for accounting falsification in the context of the case related to the sale of Victor Osimhen from Lille in the summer of 2020 and the consequent transfer, to the French Company, of the property of some former players of the Blue Spring with figures considered by researchers (but also by almost all football fans) totally disproportionate and completely out of business. Needless to say, the news literally made the fans of all the other Italian teams (Juventus in primis) go into the jujube soup, but also all those fans of Naples who have a feeling for the president of the blue company that defining hatred is simply reducing. : In this sense, just take a quick look at the many comments made on the various social network of multiple users, who, needless to say, point the finger at the sale of the three former Primavera players to Lille, branding this operation as a real scam.

So, apart from the fact that, as one of the leading experts in sports law, the lawyer Eduardo Chiacchio, has already pointed out, Naples should not be at all risky from a sports point of view, as there is already a final acquittal by the Court. Federal on the famous “case of capital gains”, without wanting to have the presumption of replacement of the instructing bodies, should also make an in-depth study on the subject.

Leaving aside the valuation of professional footballers Osimhen (valued by Lille about 75 million euros, or 42 million less than what Manchester City paid last summer to get Grealish from Aston Villa, and five less than what pay Real Madrid to the coffers of Monaco). by Aurélien Tchouaméni, from Arsenal to Lille for Pépé, from Chelsea to Athletic Bilbao for goalkeeper Kepa, etc.) and Karnezis (valued by Napoli 5.13 million, a figure more or less in line for a goalkeeper who boasts, at that time, .49 appearances in the national team, 117 in Serie A, 46 in the Greek championship, six in Spanish, fifteen in English, four in Champions League and you are inside Europa League and that, again at the time of the events, he would have quietly been the owner of a dozen teams in the Italian championship …), as has been said, what seems absolutely abnormal is the assessment made to the three ex Primavera Palmieri, Liguori and Manzi valued seven, four and four million respectively, a really absurd figure for players who had only played in the youth championships and, among the professionals, at most in the third division.

However, if we are going to take a look to similar transactions made by other football clubs it turns out, for example, that a certain Andrea Adorantein the summer of 2019, it went from Inter to Parma for a figure of about four million euros, which Davide Bettellain 2018, it went from Inter to Atalanta for a valuation of about seven million euros, or so Federico Valietti it went from Inter to Genoa for six million euros, which is true Jens Odgard was sold, again by Inter, to Sassuolo for five million euros, meanwhile Marco Carraro I Fabio Eguelfi they went, again from the Nerazzurri club, to Atalanta for five and six million euros respectively. Not to mention the various Cassatawhich in 2017 passed from Juventus to Sassuolo for seven million euros, and Simone Paletaalways sold by the Bianconeri to Atalanta in the summer of 2020 for seven million euros and then immediately fired by the Bergamo players first at Reggiana and then at the Portuguese Tondela without ever spending a day in Zingonia, exactly like. the three former Napoli Primavera players mentioned who have never been to France (this fate is common to many other players, young and old, of whom only the ownership of the card is sold without them ever playing a friendly match with the shirt of the team that bought them) .

Obviously, these are only the most striking, but there are hundreds of “minor” operations aimed only at making capital gains and thus healing the balance sheets.

The aim of clarifying the inconsistencies and possible irregularities of Italian football is laudable and obviously acceptable. We can only be delighted. There is certainly no shortage of material.

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