In ‘Fico’ jumps the holiday agreement: “There are no economic conditions.” The strike is ready

BOLOGNA – “There are no economic conditions, in relation to the current financial year, to proceed with the signing” that would ratify the agreement ofholiday organization in Fico. This is the communication that a week ago saw the arrival of the unions of the general manager of the Italian peasant factory, Stefano Cigarini. An unexpected novelty “that it is difficult to understand and difficult to accept“, as he says Francesco Devicentiof Filcams-Cgil.

In fact, Filcams, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil had discussed with the human resources management of EatalyWorld (the company that manages the agri-food park) coming to share an agreement on the management of holidays and permits, then came the stop. “The communication that he would not have signed the pact as there are no economic conditions, in relation to the current exercise, proceed to the signature ‘, that is to say: we were joking ”. The affected agreement i 50 Eataly direct employees who will now be heard crossing their arms. “By mandate of the workers,” proclaim the three unions “theopening of the state of permanent agitationmaking available to the RSA an eight-hour strike package which will take place without further notice ”.

As the Filcams exponent repeats, the stop “is difficult to understand and accept: there is no relationship between a holiday arrangement and Fico’s financial performance. This agreement has no additional cost. ” And now what about the holidays? “Employees will have to plan them according to their managers. That could happen, says Devicient, speaking to Dire someone is satisfied and someone is not, which depends on the sympathy or to have a union card or not … ”. In short, tense nerves. The union campaign begins today with a statement entitled “Eataly World: No Future in Rights … We Were Joking”.

Then Filcams-Fisascat-Uiltucs explains: “The holiday agreement was shared through a job that lasted more than a month and aimed to establish precise and shared rules for enjoying and planning holiday periods, which should be remembered as serving on the one hand for allow the mental and physical rest of the workersalso taking into account the difficult conditions experienced in the pandemic period, on the other hand they are a guarantee of global security for those who work within the agri-food park“.

Then came “the incomprehensible and unacceptable statement made by the company. We do not agree with the way the Italian peasant factory has decided to stop signing the holiday and leave management agreement. “The CEO’s line is defined as” devoid of any basis, a misleading statement intended not to recognize the importance of trade union relations and the representation of Filcams, Fisascat and Uiltucs ”.

And then, Eataly World “did not even respond to the request for clarification, declaring de facto to want to interrupt the dialogue with the representatives of the workers and therefore not to recognize them as such ”. And all this, say the three acronyms, is not good for the image: “Fico was born with the intention of being a defender of the legality and good work of Bolognaeveryone must be reminded, including the CEO of Eataly World, why the well-being of workers is no joke. If ‘The future begins when you imagine it’ (quoted by Carlo Rambaldi), we anticipate difficult times, without rights and without protection for those who work at Fico.

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