High Lessinia Outdays, the outdoor sports weekend in the Lessini mountains returns to Erbezzo on July 2 and 3, 2022 Events in Verona

High Lessinia Outdaysreturns to the outdoor sports weekend in the Lessini Mountains on 2 and 3 July in Erbezzo. This year, the High Lessinia Outdays are also back to offer families, mountain and sports lovers an extraordinary weekend in Lessinia. Erbezzo becomes the square of sports and entertainment, animated by free zones for children, guided trekking and electric bike excursions, cultural moments and for the most “cimbris” athletes, the legendary Tzimbar race that will officially open all weekend Saturday morning, with departure. at 8.30.

The Tzimbar race

Run through the forests and pastures of Upper Lessinia, tackling the paths between gloomy neighborhoods and rural landscapes, facing 4 tests of strength and skills reminiscent of the ancient works of the inhabitants of these mountains: this is the Tzimbar Race that returns this year. in a completely renewed way.

I am 3 routes to choose from: Carrera Tzimbar 36the new route of 36 km with a positive slope of D + 1,650 mt and assigns to finalists 2 ITRA points; Carrera Tzimbar 15, 15 km between the pastures and forests of the Upper Lessinia with unevenness D + 650 mt; finally the Tzimbar Race Originalwhich, as its name suggests, takes on the characteristics of past editions Cimbrian teststests of strength and skill that participants will encounter before crossing the finish line afterwards 7 km of trail. He 4 Cimbrian tests in which the runners will have to try are: to push a hay bale of about 400 kg, to transport the water with the derla (a support with 2 buckets), transport the wood with the rough (special cart) and finally cut 2 pieces of the tree trunk and take them with you when you arrive. The departures of the three races are: 8:30 Tzimbar Race 36, the longest and most demanding, 10:00 the Tzimbar Race 15 and 14:30 the Original Tzimbar Race, so that everyone has the opportunity to attend the tests and cheer up the “Cimbri”!

The Alta Lessinia Outdays program

Outdoor sports for everyone, this has always been the motto of the High Lessinia Outdays and that is why the weekend program is full of events. Many sports areas for childrenwith the inevitable climbing wall, balance bikes, table tennis, yoga for children and adults, and many other sports. 3 instead they will be guided excursions free, with environmental hiking guides, two on Monte Busimo, one at sunset, the other between the districts of Erbezzo. 4 electric bike rideswith the possibility of renting on site or participating with your own bike, guided by the association Teste di Marmo.

Absolute novelty this year on Baby Tzimbar Race, the version for the little ones (from 7 to 11 years old) of the Tzimbar Race Original. After a kilometer of travel through the city of Erbezzo, the little cimbri will also have to pass 4 cimbri tests: moving hay like our grandparents with the use of cloth sheets, transporting water with buckets, transporting wood with the traditional wood “. rough” and face a test of balance on the trunks. This first edition is free for all children who want to try, keep the spirit of the event and transmit the passion for rural mountain traditions to future generations.These days a large subscription is already being registered for this event, almost sold out for pre-registrations.

To end program two cultural appointments unmissable in collaboration with Montura: one with two content creators who will explain how the mountain is explained between digital and exterior, the other with Caterina Borgato, who will present her book together with Danny Zampiccoli, mountaineer: a moment of stories, adventures and new points of view on the mountain.

This is the program in detail:

Saturday, July 2

  • 8.30 am – Start of the Tzimbar Race 36
  • 09.30 – Opening of free sports areas
  • 10.00 am – Start of the Tzimbar Race 15
  • 10.30 – Guided tour by electric bike by the TDM school
  • 12.00 h – Inauguration of food and wine stands
  • 2.30 pm – Tzimbar Race Original start
  • 16.30 – Guided tour on E-Bike by TDM School
  • 5 pm – Award ceremony of the Tzimbar race
  • 18.00 – Trekking at sunset on Monte Búsimo
  • 6.30pm – Happy hour in the square

Sunday, July 3rd

  • 09.00 – Morning yoga session
  • 09.30 – Opening of free sports areas
  • 10.00 am – Guided tour by electric bicycle by the TDM school
  • 10.00 – Light trekking through the districts of Erbezzo
  • 10.15 – Meeting “How is the mountain explained?” with Montura’s content creators
  • 11.00 am – Start of the 1st Baby Tzimbar Race
  • 12.00 h – Inauguration of food and wine stands
  • 12.45 – Baby Tzimbar Race Awards Ceremony
  • 15.00 – Jump to the square for adults
  • 15.30 – Guided tour by electric bike by the TDM school
  • 16.00 – Jump to the square for children and teenagers
  • 16.30 – Caterina Borgato & Danny Zampiccoli – Montura Edició editorial presentation
  • 17.00 – Light trekking to Monte Búsimo

The event and sustainability

The Outdays Alta Lessinia aims to promote and enable the mountain to live sustainably, with environmental, economic and social sustainability in mind. There are several areas in which the organization has decided to commit, from the conscious management of waste and the invitation to all participants to bring their own glass to drink in the race. in fact a water dispenser, the use of compostable crockery, from respect for the animals that habitually inhabit these mountains to the minimization of the energy used, through the reduction of printed promotional material and attention to the event accessibility.

All the information about the program and the race can be found on the web www.altalessiniaoutdays.it.

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