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Through a letter addressed to the prefect of Modena and the senior management of the USL and the University Hospital of Modena, the territorial secretariat of the union UIL FPL Modena – Reggio Emilia he proclaims it state of agitation of the workers of the USL and of the University Hospital of Modena. Below is the full letter, which explains the reasons for the proclamation of the state of agitation:

“Given that

– In recent months there have been clear criticisms of the management of the RSS with possible negative repercussions on the services offered to local communities, starting with the obvious increase in waiting times for specialized services and interventions surgical;

– UIL FPL considers it necessary to enhance human resources in order to obtain the best result in terms of the application of contractual rights and the needs of citizens, also through procurement policies;

– From July 2021 to May 2022 several agreements were signed between the unions and the Region of Emilia-Romagna regarding the qualification of our RSS, the improvement and stabilization of the staff, the policies aimed at hiring starting for the guarantee of maintaining the turnover. and tools for answering particular critical questions;

– At present, despite the continuous proclamations of the Region, in the context of the AUSL and the University Hospital of Modena, all the staff continues to replace with their work the lack of programming of the Region and the lack of capacity contracting;

– The University Hospital and the Local Health Authority of Modena continue with a policy of personnel management in constant emergency and with an obvious underestimation of the services;

– There is a complete lack of a policy that redefines the parameters of staff replacement and the guarantee of the necessary contractual institutions that, on the contrary, are inclined to management logics in constant emergency.

– Professional development, recognition due to contractual bonuses, intra and extra-business mobility, stabilizations, correct management of expectations, implementation has not been fully satisfied.

– Issues such as the containment of overtime, part-time regulations, the conciliation of living and working time, the organization of work aimed at obtaining the best conditions to achieve organizational well-being, the regulation of the solidarity rest, work-related problems linked to the rise of the chronological age, have not seen a single moment of comparison.


– The operational plan for the recovery of waiting lists drawn up by the Emilia-Romagna Region aims to return, by 2023, to the performance values ​​prior to the pandemic of postponed or programmable services .

– On April 28, 2022, the OS writer requested an urgent meeting on the planning of activities and vacation plans for the summer of 2022; to have the image of the health professionals and of the administrators really present in the work, clean of the periods of leave; to have the situation of the staff of the contracted and dismissed workers broken down by qualification and the detail of the temporary and temporary workers with indication of the duration of the contracts. In addition, the various reports received from workers led to the belief that it was essential to compare the organizational changes that companies were preparing or announcing, also in the face of worrying news related to the termination of temporary and temporary staff.

– On May 5, 2022, the writer OS requested the release of the recruitment and coverage of staff turnover, emphasizing that after more than two years of pandemic the situation of the staff aroused great concern. In the midst of the vaccination campaign, which also saw the administration of the 4th dose, and the approach of the summer season, with the aim of guaranteeing staff holidays and the proper functioning of health services to the public, the organic situation along with the forecast. of long absences due to expectations, casualties, as well as retirements and summer vacations, the services risked a short circuit. It was highlighted that substantially missing all the figures in the area of ​​Sector and among these mainly Nurses, OSS, Drivers and in general all the Technical and Teaching profiles of the sector, as well as the area of ​​Medical Management.

– The hospital departments have been suffering for a long time, while the local services of the Ausl are in enormous difficulties and in full reorganization, among other things never shared with the unions.

– The shortage of staff is testing local services and hospitals, but what awaits us for the summer is even more alarming if we consider that now the staff is worn out by strenuous shifts, hours and overtime, blocks of vacation and heavy loads and working conditions that are causing problems of work psychophysical stress.

– The absence of positive and personal care in quarantine and the necessary expectations for the assistance to relatives have not ended, as long as the suspensions implemented according to government provisions have not been replaced, and above all an underlying and illogical option for block assumptions of
area staff.

– We again record strenuous shifts of up to 12 hours, up to 15 consecutive working days, workers alternating between two / three different services, continuous telephone availability of nurses, OSS and coordinators where physical conditions, work stress and fatigue has taken place. an impact without a doubt.

– The FPL of the UIL has sounded the alarm on several occasions about the critical conditions of the staff but have not yet seen adequate responses, we are indeed proceeding to the non-renewal of those administered and, with great caution, we proceed to the renewal . of fixed-term contracts both in terms of duration and number.

– It has been repeated on several occasions to proceed urgently with the recruitment of staff through all the means provided, namely: use by moving through the current rankings for recruitment and, where appropriate, to issue announcements or calls for research staff and proceed. with stabilization; the long-term extension of all existing contracts also with a view to being able to acquire the requirements for the 2022 stabilizations; exhaust the current rankings of non-business mobility that are still broad; announce new non-business mobility procedures for all professional profiles before the next insolvency proceedings and start internal mobility applications as soon as possible.

– It is considered essential to intervene with a series and structured procurement policies, and not only with emergency measures, but Hospitals and Territorial Services will collapse.

– The situation is so serious that there is a risk of closure of entire services, also due to the greater absence of specialist doctors in the territories between Mirandola, Carpi and Pavullo.

– There is a moderate shift in the current competition rankings, as well as recruitment with special reference to the most deficient professional profiles.

– The insufficiency of contractual funds, due to the absence of additional resources, and the lack of adaptation due to non-compliance with current regulations, runs the risk of not guaranteeing the maintenance of current salary levels due to the possible reduction of the variable part of the on. However, there is no money for employees, but large resources are invested, 1,400 euros per shift and 700 euros for on-call service, in favor of external specialist doctors without any logic of perspective with contempt for all those who have supported to the health service during these years of pandemic and which today are called for more efforts to reduce unacceptable waiting lists, which are certainly not synonymous with the quality of territorial programming.

for the present

For the reasons illustrated above, the OS writer requests that the cooling and conciliation procedure between the parties to which the object refers be activated. According to the resolution of the Guarantees Commission (1.6.2000), the undersigned OS reserves the right to proclaim the mobilization initiatives (with the relative prior notice required by law in case of strike) after the deadlines provided by law have elapsed “. – Newspaper registered in the Court of Modena aut. 20/2017

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