Football in Catania, Maestri drinks from the past: the perplexities of the square

The reality led by Fabio Maestri was very active in publicizing some of the profiles chosen for the company. Technical sponsor Auteri, Baiocco and Linea Oro Sport

After the presentation of the five expressions of interest for the Municipality, the expectation of the fans and the rossazzurra square is growing to understand which will be chosen by the Administration governed by Roberto Bonaccorsi. A process of analysis first and then decision-making that will last a couple of days, also in accordance with the procedure that determines the public notice drafted by the Palazzo degli Elefanti.

Among the proposals received is that of the leading group to the businessman Fabio Maestriactive in the sector energy and of transformation of waste into energy. A reality that, as explained in by the lawyer Luigi Ferlito, is based on the entrepreneurial strength of the Master himself, who will have in his hands the majority stake of the consolidated company (80%). The minority, on the other hand, will go another topic. Among the five groups that have presented their expression of interest, the one we are talking about is the only one that -from Saturday- came to make known some of the men chosen to lead the team and society if the City Council grants the proposal of Maestri.

The Maestri group chooses Auteri and Baiocco

The chosen technician is Gaetano Auteri, an expert coach with a long experience in Serie C, and with ups and downs between Benevento, Matera, Catanzaro and Bari. Former rossazzurro Davide Baiocco, on the other hand, has been named head of the youth sector of the future football club. “I accepted the invitation to be part of the Master group,” said Baiocco, “after careful evaluation. I didn’t want my name to be exploited, because what matters is that Catania regains a serious ownership that projects a long-term future and a team worthy of the city. That’s why I decided to say yes to the Master’s group project that it has in itself serious and professional people which I have known and trusted for years. I am happy to be able to give my availability for the position of head of the youth sector, a task that fascinates me and that will see me committed to the appreciation of young people in the area. I feel ready to make my contribution to the Master Group, which has given me wonderful vibes and feelings about values, principles and planning. ”

The reactions of the square

This is a strategy that has awakened opposite reactions. If there were those who valued the depth of the names and the planning they would suggest, there were those who criticized the preventive announcements, brandishing them as attempts to wink at the square and, albeit indirectly, influence in the choice of Palace of the Elephants. These are the letters on the table for the group, which were intended to clarify, perhaps to intervene on the you see that I would like him close to personalities present in the failed Calcio Catania 1946: “The Maestri group reiterates – as expressly provided in the public announcement published by the City Council of Catania on May 27 – that the subjects who have held the role of shareholder, director and / or manager with powers of representation do not form part of the corporate organization. graphic in the federal sphere, in companies subject to measures of exclusion of the championship of competitions or of revocation of the ascription to the FIGC “.

This clarification, however, does not excludes exponents of Sigi which, as has been said many times, had no direct role in society. We will see, then, what the evolutions of these days will be and who will be the election of the City council to plan the restart of soccer in the city.

Linea Oro sport with Nike as technical sponsor

On the moods of the square and the hypothetical involvement of former exponents of the past, the news of the new technical sponsor chosen by the group of masters. In an official press release, in fact, the association represented by lawyer Luigi Ferlito -interested in setting up a new football team in Catania- announced that it had reached an agreement with Linea Oro Sport for the supply of t-shirts and clothes. Nike brand coach: This is the same reality that created the shirts and clothing of the team for the season just ended, which unfortunately also marked the failure of Calcio Catania.

Vittorio Sangiorgi

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