Football, Bologna wins the under-17 championship: 3-2 victory in the final against Inter

Twenty-one years later, Bologna once again won a youth championship: the Allievi di Stefano Pioli who won the tricolor in 2001 in the Bologna Under-17 (for some years now the name has been given to the category Students) by Denis Biavati, who beat Inter 3-2 at the Del Duca d’Ascoli stadium, becoming the Italian champion in the category. And even more beautiful than the under-17 championship sewn to the chest is the way it was won: with a comeback like a movie, since fourteen minutes from the end Inter were ahead 2-0 just to see the game overturned by the goals from Tommaso Ravaglioli (in a penalty, which he himself tried) and by Lorenzo Menegazzo’s double in the final. After the insults suffered by the under 18 (defeated in the final by 2-1 by Spal in the comeback) and the Under 15, who in the semi-final had lost in extra time against Fiorentina conceding the same goal in the final, the Under 17 crowned their journey with the most important laurel after beating Juventus in the quarterfinals and Milan in the semifinals.

Reaction with “Cinno” Ravaglioli

And to think that after twelve minutes the game seemed already marked after the double of the Nerazzurri Thomas Berenbruch, who in the 7th minute had thrown it into the goal with a good shot with the right. from goalkeeper Gasperini to Pio Esposito (younger brother of Sebastiano and Salvatore, owned respectively by Inter and Spal) and at 12 ‘he had finished a cross from Di Maggio on the left from the right. Under 0-2 Bologna tried to stay in the game, trying to bite with one of the youngest players on the field or Tommaso Ravaglioli, born in 2006 who plays a minor and already has a championship won with Bologna in the U13: the Roman forward, already decisive in the semifinal against Milan, plays twice 1-2 and is one of the most indomitable. In the second part Kevin Martins – son of the former Nerazzurri “Oba Oba” – is close to the 3-0 of Inter de Polenghi and even closer that he goes Ricordi, who ends with a header. Bologna takes risks, trembles (Diop saves a couple of complex situations) but still reacts with Ravaglioli makes a tremendous diveStante and Guercio protected the ball in a free kick from behind, and it was extended by the Nerazzurri Stante and Guercio: a penalty that Ravaglioli himself converted in the 76th minute.

Menegazzo show and the precedents

The game changes, Bologna moves forward with generosity and the quality of the midfielder Rosetti left and in the 86th minute, a cross from the Senegalese defender Diop from the left, Menegazzo enters the area and from two steps marks the 2-2 that would lead the teams to overtime. But Bologna now have the gas open and move away to the ’89’: ball protected and worked by Ravaglioli on the left, change of game to Menegazzo who stops almost with his shoulder, controls the ball, enters the area and slides a right diagonal that kisses. the stick, surpasses the goalkeeper Calligaris and is worth the 3-2 and the Scudetto. A tricolor that arrives twenty-one years after the Allievi di Pioli (with the different Meghni, Della Rocca, Terzi and Loviso) and forty years after the Allievi Bologna Championship by Roberto Mancini and Giancarlo Marocchi. For coach Denis Biavati “it was an incredible match, after Ravaglioli’s goal we went into a competitive trance and what happened happened. It is a group that never gives up, as it had done fromit is also shown during the beating year the leaders after losing to the last in the standings. For the head of the rossoblù youth sector, Daniele Corazza, “we have won in the queen category, the most important in the nursery. After an extraordinary year, everyone was asking for the icing on the cake: we thought it would come with the under-18 team, which is an exceptional team, and he arrived today, without taking anything out of the Under 15 and Under 16. It’s an incredible emotion, we still don’t believe it. ” For Bologna it is the fourth youth tricolor after winning the 2001 Allievi, the 1982 Allievi and the 1989 Giovanissimi coached by Ballardini, to which must be added a De Martino championship in 1965.

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