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Florence, June 22, 2022 – On Friday, June 24, the traditional celebrations for Saint Johnpattern of Florenceincluding the two key events: the historic football final and the “fires“.

For the historic football match, which will start at 6 pm, the forecasts already planned for previous matches with parking and traffic bans for the Procession of the Republic and the Santa Croce area are back.

For the “fochi” there are no parking bans and follow the traffic bans in the affected areas, ie the area of ​​Piazzale Michelangelo and the sides of the river Arno, both in the center and next to the Oltrarno, including Ponte alle Grazie where the monitoring and coordination unit will be done. situate of the police, of the Firemen, of the Guardia Urbana and of Civil Protection that right here will have his advanced command. Due to ongoing work, the small Arno beach will also be closed. In addition, the sale and administration of alcoholic beverages and glass on the streets affected by the closure measures will be prohibited from 2pm to 9pm.. Here are the measurements in detail.

The final of historic football

In order to allow the celebration of the historic football final, a series of traffic rules have been drawn up that follow those already in force for the semi-finals.

Let’s start with parking bans. From midnight until 8pm on Friday 24 June, parking bans will be in force on via Ghibellina (from via Buonarroti to house number 58R), largo Bargellini, via Magliabechi and Borgo Santa Croce. More parking bans will start at 8 (until 8 pm) in Corso Tintori, via dei Benci, Borgo dei Greci (between via dei Bentaccordi and piazza Santa Croce), via Torta (between via Isole delle Stinche to piazza Santa Croce ), via Verdi (between piazza Santa Croce and via dei Lavatoi), via Giovanni da Verrazzano, via dei Pepi (between via Ghibellina and piazza Santa Croce), via dell’Anguillara (between piazza Santa Croce and via dei Bentaccordi), via delle Pinzochere (between via Ghibellina and Largo Bargellini), Lungarno alle Grazie, Volta dei Tintori and Piazza dei Cavalleggeri. There will also be a ban on parking in Piazza Santa Croce, including the connection lane between via dei Benci and via Verdi, in the 11-20 time slot.

Turning to traffic bans, the Piazza Santa Croce area will be closed to traffic on Friday 24 June from 11 am to 8 pm. In detail, it is via Magliabechi (between Borgo Santa Croce and Corso Tintori), Corso Tintori, via dei Benci, Borgo Santa Croce, Borgo dei Greci (between via dei Bentaccordi and piazza Santa Croce), via dell’Anguillara (between via dei Bentaccordi i piazza Santa Croce), via Torta (entre via Isole delle Stinche i piazza Santa Croce), via Verdi (entre piazza Santa Croce i via dei Lavatoi), via Giovanni da Verrazano (entre piazza Santa Croce i via del Fico), via dei Pepi (between piazza Santa Croce and via del Fico), long Bargellini (between piazza Santa Croce and via delle Pinzochere), piazza Santa Croce (road connecting via dei Benci and via Verdi), via Malenchini, piazza dei Peruzzi (between via delle Brache and via dei Benci), Volta dei Tintori, piazza dei Cavalleggeri (between lungarno della Zezza and Corso Tintori), lungarno della Zecca Vecchia (lane with direction from the intersection of via delle Casine to the intersection with piazza dei Cavalleggeri ). Other related measures: one-way to via dei Bentaccordi (from via dell’Anguillara to piazza dei Peruzzi), reversal to via Torta (from via dell’Anguillara to via della Burella), one-way to via Isole delle Stinche from via della Burella to via della Vigna Vecchia). The preferred lane of via dei Benci (from Ponte alle Grazie to Corso Tintori) will also be removed.

The procession of the Republic

In addition to the provisions of the game, parking and traffic bans have been established linked to the passage of the Procession of the Florentine Republic. The first parking restrictions will start on Friday 24 June from 8 am in via dei Rondinelli, piazza degli Antinori (between via dei Rondinelli and via degli Agli), via degli Agli, via dei Pecori. Parking is not allowed in Piazza San Firenze between 1pm and 8pm. There is still no parking from 14:00 in piazza di Parte Guelfa, via Pellicceria, via di Porta Rossa, via dei Tornabuoni, via della Spada, via del Sole, piazza Santa Maria Novella, via Roma, piazza della Repubblica, via degli Speziale, via dei Calzaiuoli, piazza della Signoria, via della Ninna, via dei Neri, via dei Benci, Borgo Santa Croce, via Magliabechi. These measures will end at 8 p.m.

For the passage of the procession, traffic bans will be activated on Friday 24 June from 15 to 17 ha in the piazza di Parte Guelfa, via Pellicceria, via Porta Rossa, via dei Tornabuoni, via della Spada, via del Sole, piazza Santa Maria. Novella. Afterwards, the road to Santa Croce Square will be closed, starting from Santa Maria Novella Square and continuing along via dei Banchi-via dei Rondinelli-piazza degli Antinori-via degli Agli-via dei Pecori-via Roma- piazza della Repubblica- via degli Speziale -via dei Calzaiuoli-piazza della Signoria-via della Ninna-via dei Neri-via dei Benci-Borgo Santa Croce-via Magliabechi. These measures will be in force from 4 to 6 p.m.

As for the return route, traffic bans during the procession will affect the Piazza Santa Croce-Borgo dei Greci-Piazza San Firenze-Via della Condotta-Via dei Calzaiuoli-Via degli Speziale-Piazza della Repubblica-Via Pellicceria -Plaza di Festa güelfa. Friday hours are 7pm to 8pm.

Road closures and conditions for the “Fochi”

The first measures will begin tomorrow, Thursday 23 June. These are the parking bans in Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza Poggi (parking area between Torre San Niccolò and Lungarno Cellini) and Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia (Arno side from Piazza Piave to Lungarno alle Grazie) which will remain valid until 4 am on Saturday 25 June. .

Also tomorrow, but from 23.00 hours, parking and pedestrian traffic bans will be added to viale Poggi (from via dei Bastioni to piazzale Michelangelo including pedestrian ramps) and piazzale Michelangelo (parking area ).

On the day of St. John, at 8 there will be no parking in Piazza Piave, along the Zecca Vecchia, via delle Casine (between the promenade of the Zecca Vecchia and the house number 4R), via Tripoli, Piazza Cavalleggeri, Volta dei Tintori , promenade Serristori, promenade alle Grazie (side Arno, between Ponte alle Grazie and Volta dei Tintori), plaça Demidoff, via San Niccolò (from via San Miniato to piazza Poggi), via Giardino Serristori, via Lupo, piazza Poggi, lungarno Cellini, via Monicelli. Non-stop also at the Lungarno Pecori Giraldi (Arno side) in the area normally used as a tourist bus stop, Lungarno del Tempio (side gardens in front from via Piagentina to via del Campofiore).
At 13.30 the first traffic bans will start on the Arni delle Grazie and della Zecca Vecchia, via delle Casine (between lungarno della Zecca Vecchia and via Tripoli), piazza Cavalleggeri and the establishment of two-way traffic on via Tripoli (from via delle Casina to Piazza Cavalleggeri). These measures will be in force until 4 am on Saturday.
From 8 pm (and until 12 noon) additional closures will be added to via dei Bastioni, via del Monte alle Croci, lungarno Serristori, piazza Poggi, via Lupo, via di San Niccolò (between via San Miniato and piazza Poggi) , via del Giardino Serristori, via Marsuppini (between viale Michelangiolo and via di Ricorboli), Ponte alle Grazie, Borgo Santa Croce, via Magliabechi, via Trípoli. Traffic bans also on viale Michelangiolo (except emergency and police vehicles, frontal operators, urban public transport vehicles and taxis up to via Tacca), piazzale Michelangelo, viale Galileo (between piazzale Galileo and piazzale Michelangelo, except for frontal operators who they go to via del Giromontino), lungarno Cellini (exemption for civil protection vehicles). There will also be a two-way traffic in Piazza dei Mozzi (from Lungarno Serristori to Via dei Renai) and a one-way street in Via dei Renai (between Piazza dei Mozzi and Piazza Demidoff towards Piazza dei Mozzi). These measures will be in force until midnight.

To facilitate the exit of vehicles, the telematic gate of the via dei Benci lane will be deactivated and a path will be identified for the exit of the Oltrarno with the opening of the pedestrian area of ​​San Niccolò (route via di San Niccolò ). -via di San Miniato-via Belvedere in the direction of via San Leonardo). For the exit From the Bardi-Costa San Giorgio area you can also use the Piazza dei Mozzi-l routeungarno Torrigiani-via dei Bardi-via Barbadori-via dei Belfredelli-Borgo San Iacopo-piazza dei Frescobaldi with closing of the telematic door of the area pedestrian area of ​​via dei Bardi. The door to the pedestrian area of ​​Piazza Pitti has also been deactivated.

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