Festa dello Sport Legnano, Versus Martial Arts: “All the critical issues expressed in ASSL have occurred”

On the sports festival and the controversial choice to bring it forward in June to the new location in Piazza Mercato, as voted by sports clubs, the ASD versus martial arts, whose president Colombo recalls “all the critical problems expressed at that time in ASSL and which occurred quickly”

I would like to express the position of the company I represent regarding the controversy following last Sunday’s sports match and, above all, to ask those who have decided within the ASSL to opt for this date and for it to publicly assume its responsibilities.
place. I consider it necessary to reward that my personal experience in the field of the organization of sporting events is this: http://www.team-versus.com/eventi-organizzati/ In addition to those that as president of Versus I then participate in the organization of numerous international events also in collaboration with multinational companies, for example the Italian stages of BELLATOR (Viacom CBS Group, Los Angeles) between
2018 and 2020. I do not say all this to boast but to emphasize that I speak with some competence in the field of sports organization. From the first moment I expressed my club’s opposition to the date and place of the Sports Festival 2022. The reasons seemed obvious to us and unfortunately they all occurred, here we summarize them:

The ASSL has decided, at the suggestion of whom and after an e-mail vote, to bring forward the party in June because it would be in this period when families will decide what sport their children will do in September. Well, only among our partners we were able to consult a few dozen parents and they all replied that, for different reasons, none of them make these decisions in June as we have always thought and as confirmed more in several comments appearing on social media at this time. This is to talk about children, if we go to teenagers and even worse to adults, no one decides now what to do in 3 months. It would therefore be a sign of honesty and maturity for whom
he first launched the proposal on that date and whoever supported him came forward and assumed his responsibilities. On top of that there was the predictable heat problem. The heat has started earlier and earlier in the last few years. A simple internet search (in case memory is not enough) can testify that, in the absence of rain, in recent years the days around June 19 have recorded maximum temperatures of about 30 degrees that , in a concrete courtyard completely devoid of shade and with the known humidity of our areas, give a much higher perceived temperature. Aside from the morning and afternoon, the heat was therefore unbearable. We had been assigned the tatami area for a demonstration at 12.00 but we immediately informed the organization that we would not use this space due to weather conditions and the likely absence of the public. For the second aspect they talk about photos and videos circulating on the net, regarding the first point we personally saw a boy from Kickboxing Legnano showing us the burn on the sole of the foot and a couple of judo kids crying to make it too hot and the burning tatami. If we hadn’t recovered a small viewpoint, we would have left the square ourselves, spending a whole day under that blazing sun would have been crazy. In front of the central stage where the dance and gymnastics schools performed (on the net we found the testimonies of mothers who report a heat stroke suffered by their daughters) we saw at most a few dozen people, almost all relatives or friends of the many girls who performed, as well as some belonging to the other associations present in the square. On the part of some of the relatives who attended, I personally heard the loud complaints about the choice of the day, time and place, the people who came to the market square to access the park in almost all cases. he threw them straight and we understand them very well: the one who goes to the park to throw himself with a slingshot under the shade of the trees, certainly does not attract the idea of ​​staying for a while in that kind of pan that was yesterday afternoon the market square. In addition, at this time of year there are also many people who leave Legnano on Sundays, either for a short trip to lakes or rivers or because they are lucky enough to be able to spend the weekend in a second home. All this also makes it difficult to find athletes and parents willing to intervene without taking into account that with the arrival of the heat and the end of school, many children stop training and therefore are not even available to these tests. The comparison with other years is relentless. When the companies were placed in the streets of the center they were seen by all the people who went out for a walk in the morning or in the afternoon. Particularly far from secondary, the buildings also provide shade for both athletes and passers-by. In addition, the party took place in mid-September when it is still hot but in a decidedly less heavy way and everyone’s head is focused on resuming the usual day to day.
Compared to previous editions, we were told that “for safety and security reasons” it would not be possible for children and adults to try out our sports if they approached our stand. We did not understand the reasons given that, in addition to always doing everything with absolute security, we also have insurance that covers us throughout Italy for any sporting activity, even strictly promotional, that we do. This limitation further emptied the momentous event, but what irritated us the most was the fact that some companies were actually granted a “trial invitation” for passers-by. Two weights and two measures that find no justification.
Wrong location
The Piazza Mercato is large and allows all companies to gather in one space but, at this time of year, condemns those present to a day under the setting sun. In June the only option for such events is the formula of the white night which takes place between 18.00 and 24.00 approximately. However, it would be even more appropriate to be located in the center and, therefore, inevitably with the widespread positioning of all companies as happened in the other years of September. Unlike Parabiago, in fact, Legnano does not have a central square capable of accommodating so many stands.
We learned that the mayor and the sports councilor showed up at the square in the morning and greeted the associations present. Neither ours nor actually saw them in the area reserved for martial arts. If they greeted any president of these companies, then it must have happened in another area. Above all, however, it should be noted that the parliaments announced by the mayor and the council that were scheduled, from the program sent to all associations, were not held between 17.00 and 18.00. A loss that smells like an implicit admission of failure.

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