Elvis Presley on Baz Luhrmann’s splendid carousel

What a bright and visual rock carousel Elvis Presley & Baz Luhrmann style! Elvis (from June 22 in Italian cinemas) is an explosion of rhythm, appearance and colors, stimulant. It is also inevitably poignant, as the announced tragedy underlying the success is woven. If there was an ideal director to film the king’s dizzying career, it could only be Luhrmann. If there was an ideal musical icon for the bold and daring creative palette of the Australian director Red Mill! I The great Gatsbythis could only be Elvis Presley.
I Austin Butler, the actor who plays the King of Rock and Roll? Surprisingly perfect. In his soft, cavernous voice so seductive, in the bright gaze between the naive and the defiant, in every movement of shouts or laughter.
The only almost insignificant flaw? A final part that lengthens and softens vigor and grip.

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Austin Butler, Helen Thomson, Tom Hanks and Richard Roxburgh in the movie “Elvis”

In the hands of a manager who has made him a legend

Luhrmann decides to frame Elvis Presley’s life between the shadows and the lights of his relationship with his enigmatic (lifelong) manager, Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanksnow almost paternal, now Luciferian.
In the film, Elvis’ journey begins when Parker notices him during his performance at the Louisiana Hayride, when he sings. Baby, let’s play at home. Despite not having a musical ear, the colonel – who later became not a colonel – remains captivated and almost shocked by the effect Elvis has on young people, especially girls. “Was the best show I’ve ever seenHe says in the movie.
He had found his golden child, to get rich, with whom he would get rich. Money money money. Through the flexibility of American model hips or facades, through cheesy concerts or movies or carols or badges with your name, whatever happens.

Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley with musician Bill Black sings on the 1954 Louisiana Hayride tour

A bit of a genius, a bit of a scoundrel, Parker was a pioneer in a show genre that didn’t exist until Elvis Presley arrived. And if Elvis is still a time-lapse myth today, much of the credit goes to him. Talent is essential, but without promotion it is invisible.

Presley, the American Dream and Amazement Butler

Elvis Presley embodies the perfect American dreams. As a truck driver he became the most famous man in the world in an instant. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in his childhood he lived for a time with his family in one of the few whitewashed houses in a black neighborhood. Before moving to Memphis, Tennessee.
After his first notoriety in the southern United States, in a couple of years he was invited to “Ed Sullivan” and overnight became the most talked about and provocative of America, in a millionaire with an even brighter future.

Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley and his manager Tom Parker sit at a typewriter in front of a photo of RCA Victor Dog, circa 1956, Memphis

Long sideburns and straight hair, striking clothing that defied the colors, sinuous, electric movements of the pelvis, Elvis was also unique in style.
In the mid and late 1950s he bought most of the stage clothing and not Lansky Bros. Beale Street in Memphis, which at the time sold beautiful tailor-made dresses, a favorite outlet and coveted by artists in the region.
The most evocative costume in the movie? Butler said his own: “The leather suit I wore for the 68th special is the one that made me feel most powerful. It was great to have him.

Over the years, Elvis Presley has confessed: “It is very difficult to keep up with your image“.

Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley on set in “The Way of Evil”

Luhrmann followed Butler on Broadway, following his role alongside Denzel Washington The ice man arrives. The 30-year-old American actor manages the risky venture of giving us back the energy of Elvis. In fact, Luhrmann’s dazzling homage to the king of rock and roll is at its best just when Butler is on stage and he gives his body to musicin a convulsive, hypnotic way, giving us the illusion that Elvis has never left.

To internalize Elvis ‘”physics,” Butler trained with a motion trainer, both before and during filming, and also to speak and sing in Elvis’ unique way, he joined several vocal coaches.

But does Austin Butler really sing?

Did Austin Butler really sing Elvis songs in the movie? This is the first surprising question the viewer is asked. And here’s the answer: partly we listen a lot to Butler, partly the original.

Elvis Presley’s voice has changed over time: in the early days he felt like one original punk rocker and, according to Luhrmann, “luckily Austin was able to sing like the Elvis of that time, a kind of rock and roll punk.”
In the live-action part before the 1960s is the voice of Austin Butler, who occasionally merges with that of Elvis. On the other hand, in the great and emblematic performances of recent years, only the voice of Elvis is necessarily heard.

Austin Butler is Elvis Presley

Photo credit courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Austin Butler is Elvis Presley in the movie “Elvis”

In keeping with his usual daring and dazzling stylistic contaminations, Luhrmann has also made a fusion between vintage and modern music and the artists of yesterday and today. We admire so many contemporary singers, including Yola, Shonka Dukureh and Gary Clark Jr.such as the legends of Beale Street, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Big Mama Thornton and Arthur Crudup.

In soundtrack Doja Cat, Kacey Musgraves, Jazmine Sullivan, Jack White and the Måneskinyes, with the adaptation of the song If I can dream. The Italian band sings: “We are lost in a cloud with too much rain / But while a man has the strength to dream / He can redeem his soul and fly” (We are lost in a cloud with too much rain / But as long as a man has the strength to dream / Can release your soul and fly). Elvis’ dream continues.

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