Disabled, in Sant’Artemio a day dedicated to sport accessible to all

2022 is an important year for the Treviso brand: Treviso has been chosen European City of Sport 2022 by the Aces Europe Commission (Federation of European Sports Capitals and Cities), which considers the capital a good example of sport for everyone as a tool. of integration, education, health and respect. However, there are still many girls and boys who cannot, cannot or do not know that they can play a truly inclusive sport. For these reasons, the Association for Social Promotion and Amateur Sport TREVISO BULLS with the support of the Section of Treviso UILDM (Italian Union for the Fight against Muscular Dystrophy) and in collaboration with the company PTC THERAPEUTICS, have created an inclusive event aimed at girls and boys with motor and neuromuscular disabilities.

The day called “Sport and disability .. a dream .. a reality!” will be held on Saturday, July 2, 2022, thanks to the collaboration of the Province of Treviso, which kindly hosts the event, in the Foyer of Sant’Artemio Treviso. TREVISO BULLS, an electric wheelchair hockey team, or electric wheelchair hockey team will take part in this event. Highly inclusive sport, which gives people with motor and neuromuscular disabilities the opportunity to practice team sports. Athletes from Polisportiva Terraglio, Venezia FC – a new power football team – will also take part, finishing third in the FIPPS final held last May in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Wheelchair football is also a very inclusive sport, and offers people with neuromuscular disabilities, even severe ones, the opportunity to compete on the field.

An event, to be held on July 2, which seeks to overcome the stereotype that a person with a disability, even if it is serious, can not or should not play a sport, because for those who can not move it is useless to do sports. . Both Powerchair Hockey and Powerchair Football (electric wheelchair football) are the real demonstration that there is no stereotype on the field, children with disabilities are athletes in all aspects, in technique, in competition, in the desire to never give up. and especially in the desire to have fun and be part of something unique and special.

In addition, the Wheelchair Dance girls, who are also part of the Terraglio Sports Center, who have recently won the gold medal in the Show Dance duo, and the bronze medal in the individual freestyle, in the last Championships, will also take part. Nationals. This event was designed and much desired to offer families and children with muscular and neuromuscular disabilities the opportunity to get to know and especially try different types of sports accessible to everyone. For children with neuromuscular pathologies, the passage of time is tantamount to a decrease in their vital forces and energies, and sport can have a significant beneficial effect on their body and mood. Getting back to normal, going out, having fun, being with other kids, making friends, and playing a sport are vital.

During the day “Sport and disability .. a dream .. a reality!” Everyone will have the opportunity to try wheel hockey, electric wheel soccer and wheelchair dancing, and this is an important opportunity to spread these sports and involve families and children, proving that life, even if it is difficult, can give other and innumerable emotions. In addition, the ANTON CHOIR will be present, an association formed by parents and friends who create music events to raise funds to support research against Duchenne dystrophy, which will accompany the day with splendid and meaningful music dedicated to the world. of the social and solo. .

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