Chievo Calcio, those dressed in conflict of interest called to decide on the yellow and blue company –

from Gian Antonio Stella

The appeal before five judges of the Council of State, but three have already previously sentenced the Scala family to the sports courts

But you would be confident if the final sentence on which your life depends was in the hands of magistrates which are simultaneously part of a parallel court that has already shown you that you ignore the sensational conflict of interest? what can happen today
Chievo yes, red of shame, those double-serving judges, of the Council of State and of the football fields (on whose verdicts they always decide), they did not decide to put an end to the shame forbidden by law by blowing up a chain of options that does not honor either the judges or the football.

Last resort

The accusation, names and resumes in hand, is based on the latest brief filed last Thursday by lawyer Stefano de Bosio, one of the defenders of the football club, sent to the Council of State, which as we know does not provides for the presence of a third degree (a kind of Cassation) but entrusts the last resort to one of its delegated sections to deal with sport, namely, V. That on paper has three possible presidents. Two of whom are also (incredibly but true) members of the sports justice. What a surprise! More: of the council called to decide today, the members of the sports justice are also three out of five. Surprise bis! Honestly, raise your hand if you think of a simple, pure, crystal clear, innocent chance. All this after years that these mixtures had already been at the center of several controversies because, for example, the same current president of the Council of State Franco Frattini for years until seven months ago he was section president of the highest administrative body and, at the same time, president of the College of Sports Justice Guarantee.

Honor (and millions)

To cut a long story short, as the lawyer for the yellow-blue company points out, the latest decree signed by the president of Section V Luciano Barra Caracciolo on June 7, although the language is complicated and although the valuation of the fumus boni iuris (…) it obviously means that something serious does not return to the sand castle built by the resistant administration to hide the simple truth. In short, we finally see an attempt to understand how it went. Leaving, and it was time, a ruling that could clarify and at least restore to Chievo not only the honor, but even the assets of the football club from the ownership of the cards of the players (very important for those who over the years they have invested much of their budgets in daycare centers) estimated at at least fifty million.


We tried to reconstruct it the other day as was the issue of the decline in capital gains, an explosion of messes, ambiguities, cunning, which involved President Luca Campedelli himself. Trying to explain also a series of different treatments, different benevolences, different weights and measures reserved by the same sports justice to other companies with much more traumatic budgets (example Juventus: losses of 119 million euros in the first half of 2021 alone) but with a much higher political weight in fans, votes and friendships. Ansa writes on November 27, 2021: According to data from the FIGC Soccer Report, in 2007/08 the clubs had recorded capital gains of 218 million euros, with an impact of 12% on the turnover of the top league. In 2019/20, player alienation revenue amounted to 740 million, representing 24% of all club revenue. Final result of 15 May this year: acquitted the eleven clubs and the 59 directors: the evaluation method adopted by the federal prosecutor it can be considered a valuation method, but not the valuation method. Therefore, the Court considers that the method for assessing the value of the sale / acquisition of a player’s sports services does not exist or is specifically impracticable. This value is given and born in a free market … To understand: Chievo was also acquitted in 2018 of modest overestimation (compared to the general average that emerged later) and yet not only covered by indignation but hit by the sports justice with the abnormal request of 15 penalty points then was reduced to 3. With the obvious collapse in the current championship of the team, he finished at 17 points, ie , 23 less than they had the previous year. Who gives them back to you?

Judgments previs

And we are today. And to the discovery that, as the defense lawyer and Sergio Rizzo recall in their interrogation MFthe president of the court, Diego Sabatino, also a member of the advisory section of the Federal Court of Appeal of the Football Association. The same as on October 26, 2021 already rejected the appeal of the Verona club against the devastating release of players. That’s it! More: Councilwoman Giuseppina Luciana Barreca, also a member of today’s school, was the speaker of that order of August 27, 2021 which confirmed the exclusion of the Scala club from the championship and considered that the losses of the players are not contested. That’s it! Moreover, Councilor Valerio Perotti, the third judge of five today in a blatant conflict of interest, had already taken part in the schools of the Federal Court of Appeal of the Football Federation, which rejected Chievo’s precautionary petitions. , and in one case even. he presided over him, replacing the then-appointed Carlo Santelli, who had to abstain as a member of both the Council of State and the Federal Court of Appeal of the Football Federation. An unpleasant coincidence? No: in the last four years, Section V of the Council of State convened to try appeals against the decisions of sports bodies has had three presidents who belonged simultaneously to the two courts: sports and administrative. Called to decide on sometimes common issues: Carlo Saltelli, Diego Sabatino and Francesco Caringella. Without feeling chills of shame.

The question

And let’s get back to the question: what will these judges do? Will they go straight, challenging the common sense and reproach of those who will one day have to wake up well in the face of these conflicts of interest? Let me be clear: if there is a judge in Berlin, he has the right to make the decisions he likes. It includes, of course, a new yellow-blue team conviction. But with these same magistrates? Are you sure? Well …

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